Howard to work 6days in July and 9 days in august.

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    O & A today confirmed Howard will be working only 6 days in July and 9 days in August and that three days a week is the new norm.* Their release of this info isn't sitting well with SiriusXM.* Howard will be working 140 days this year down from 159 last year and 212 the last year at KROCK, next year, if he's still around,* with the permanent 3 day weeks he will be at the contract minimum of 120 live shows a year.*

    Quote from Opie:

    "They really don't like us talking about the fact that he's only working 6 days in July and 9 days in August...They REALLY don't want us talking about that...We might want to show you a schedule we came upon. But honestly we're NOT supposed to talk about that. That's not good for the company--the King working 6 days in July."

    Breaking down Howard's salary he is paid almost 200,000 an hour he is on the radio. Also with his contract that was published he doesn't pay for programming on 101 or other people's salaries as some speculated.

    This and he has almost became imus. Three shows a week from here on out, on the weeks he's in. Come on even Artie can handle that schedule.