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    Beth: honey, let's get a hobby that we can both share
    Howard: (mumbles) fuck, not this shit again (aloud) ok honey. What'd you have in mind?
    Beth: well, you could take pictures of me and post them on twitter.
    Howard: but I hate twitter and suck at photography
    Beth: but honeyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I wanna show the world that I'm a good modoe!!!,
    Howard: ooooooooooohhhhhhh kayyyyyyyyyy
    beth: yay!
    two days later
    howard: Nikon paid me to try out this camera
    Beth: I'm a modoe!
    Snap snap snap
    hiward: you're old and only have one pose
    Beth: but howwwwwwwerrrrrrrrd!
    Howard: fffffcuuuuuuuuuck. Hold on
    Three days later
    Howard: adobe is paying me to promote photoshop
    beth: let's make a calendar and exploit dogs for money!!!
    Howard: money? Now you're talking
    one month later
    beth: I sold a ton of calendars, are they ready yet?
    howard: you what? I'm still trying to photoshop the fucking bent knee out of all these shots!
    beth: howarrrrrrrrd!
    howard: just collect the money.

    As this story ends, Howard is stuck spending time with the annoying one every other day or so and updating the world on just how much of a pussy he really is.

    Ive stopped getting angry whenever I see him tweet a photo and just laugh at his misery.