Howchie for the Holidays

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    The holidays have to be a pretty depressing time for Howard. He is reminded of the family that he left behind so he can dress up for cocktail hours and in-home dinner dates with a woman who doesn't know how to save a Microsoft Word file.

    I was curious how much Howard has revealed on the air. I browsed marksfriggin for the week after Thanksgiving shows. Not surpringly, he has revealed very little. For the man who supposedly is an open book, marksfriggin has less than 350 words typed up about EVERYTHING Howard has mentioned about his Thanksgiving activities. (my short comments in parentheses for 2012 and 2010).

    If we assume that the "No mentions" mean he spent Thanksgiving alone with Beth, than the already sad marksfriggin write-up becomes even sadder.

    2012: No mention. (only talk about what other people ate and weighed after thanksgiving)

    2011: Howard said he had a nice dinner with his parents, sister and brother in law and the kids. He said they had a nice crowd. Howard said he didn't end up cooking anything. They just had a meal out at the restaurant for their Thanksgiving. (That's it. The discussion ends and Howard moves on to talking about babysitter porn. I assume it means Howard's kids by "the kids"..... not his in-laws kids..... but that might not the case now thinking about it.).

    2010: Howard said he didn't do anything over vacation. He said they had Thanksgiving on Friday. He said the kids were away with their mother down in Florida. Howard said that's what happens when you get divorced. Howard said no one seems to want to be with him anyway. Howard said he never gets invited to go to Thanksgiving either. He said he's just not a pleasant person to be with. Howard said he and Beth had a nice lasagna and wine. Howard said they had some turkey in the lasagna but it was mostly eggplant. Howard said they watched some movies over the holiday too.

    2009: No mention

    2008: No mention

    2007: Howard changed subjects and talked about his Thanksgiving dinner. He said he had a ton of family over for the holiday and it was all beautiful. Howard said his father was talking to his youngest daughter Ashley about why they picked that certain day to be Thanksgiving day. Howard said he didn't really know why so he just told his dad to tell them but he keeps asking over and over. Howard said he just wanted his father to explain it instead of quizzing them about it. Howard said his daughter told him he was mean when he yelled at his dad. Howard said it's not supposed to be a game show though and he just wanted him to give them the answer. Howard said his father is just trying to prove that he's smarter than everyone, that's the way he takes it. His daughter felt like it was something she was learning and didn't think he was trying to prove anything.

    2006: Howard said he had his Thanksgiving on Saturday because his wife had the kids on Thursday.
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    Should be with Alison or a woman who can....

    1. Get a real job by herself
    2. Have friends who are not gold diggers
    3. Have a conversation that doesn't sound like a high school girl.
    4. Doesn't have to attach herself to a socialite charity cause as her "job"
    5. Doesn't lie through her teeth in every interview.
    6. Thinks family comes first over crashing celebrity parties and camera/media hunting.

    Well guess not, he's stuck with gold digger Beth.