Howig found a way to avoid more work: Endless filler

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by Mr Pink, Jan 9, 2015.

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    Now is seems that the new format for a break is to go into the break with a pre-recorded, tired-out bit of some sort, followed by endless commercials, then 1-3 more pre-recorded, tired-out bits, than a song, then finally back.

    Probably cuts another 20 minutes, in total, of work, just from all the bits played.

    Add to that, they're too lazy to even get their wac-pack or celebrity bits from the wac-packers or celebrities themselves. That would require some actual effort like making a phone call or paying for a plane ticket to get them there. Instead, they just have two or three impressionists who can imitate the whole group (poorly).

    Lazy cheap-ass sacks of shit. :pissed:
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    What do you expect from him? Sirius isn't exactly investing any money in the show? :confused:

    Howard Stern's New Deal: $2K a Minute
    The shock jock re-upped with Sirius XM with a $400 million contract, sources say. Peter Lauria reports on what Stern brings to the table—and why he's worth every penny.
    Howard Stern’s new contract with Sirius XM Radio will pay him $2,008 for every minute on the air.

    While terms of the lesbian-loving loudmouth’s new five-year deal with Sirius XM weren’t disclosed, two sources close to the situation say that Wall Street estimates of a $400 million contract, which works out to $80 million per year, are accurate. (Since the deal is a material event, Sirius XM will eventually have to disclose the precise details of Stern’s new contract in a regulatory filing.) These sources also say that Stern, closing in on 60, will likely scale back his workload by either a day per week or an hour per show.

    Either way, after accounting for Stern’s eight weeks of vacation and 10 standard federal holidays, the shock jock will only be working 498 hours per year. Put another way, using an annual salary of $60 million—an estimated $20 million of Stern’s yearly compensation goes to production costs for the show and staff salaries, according to Wall Street analysts—the self-proclaimed King of All Media will be banking $120,482 per hour. That works out to $2,008 per minute. Should Stern keep the live broadcast at 4 hours but scale back his work week to 3 days, or 122 work days per year, he’d still make just under $492,000 per show.