'I ate out of a dumpster': Brit Marling reveals desperate lengths to make a movie...

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    Need's a Jackie laugh for obvious reasons. Jackie's daughter, Brit Marling?

    Indie film darling Brit Marling is getting some fashion magazine love.
    The 29 year-old actress, writer and producer of the upcoming Fox Searchlight political spy thriller The East, is featured in a Glamour magazine spread showing off her toned tummy in a variety of summery retro glam outfits.
    She also did a down-to-earth interview with the magazine about her unique road to success in Hollywood.Inside, Marling reveals how four years ago, she and her writing partner traveled the country with no cash and ate food from dumpsters in an effort to 'live free' and save money for their new film.'We learned to train-hop and Dumpster dive, which sounds gross, but I actually made restaurant worthy vegan meals out of food from a Dumpster,' the Sound of My Voice actress explained.
    'My whole perspective on the world shifted, and I came back wanting to tell stories about the experience.'She also reveals her parents were none too thrilled with the aforementioned 'summer adventure,' thinking she had already lost her mind by passing up a lucrative investment banking job in favor of coming out to Los Angeles to try her luck at acting.So far, her gamble has paid-off.After having two films at the acclaimed Sundance Film Festival in 2011, Marling has been cast in an episode of NBC's hit comedy Community, had a role in the Richard Gere film Arbitrage and has a role in the Robert Redford political thriller The Company You Keep.However, her newest film The East, in which she stars alongside Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page, has been getting the most buzz.In it, Marling plays an FBI agent who infiltrates an anarchist collective that is trying to take down a major corporation.'The other day I was thinking about what I’d do if I stopped acting, and I couldn’t answer the question,' Marling told Glamour. 'So I think I’ll just stick with it!'
    The East will be released in theaters on May 31st.