I didn't see anyone mention this yesterday RE: replacing Fallon

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    Might have been mentioned in the live show thread, but the Team Buckwald strategy of PR blitz for Howard was completed yesterday.

    Phase I

    Leak to the press that Howard is being groomed for the Fallon gig at 12:30. Most likely by Beth at the Oz premiere since most of Howard's staff were out of town and Beth most likely had access to Linda Stashi at the Oz premiere.

    Phase II

    Have his flunkies talk about how great he will be and how amazing he is. Beth spoke to Extra about how great he would be for it and how he has really crossed over to being loved by all. Booey on Jon Hein's TV Show talks about how they would gear the show to fit Howard because he is that good of an interviewer Howard is.

    Phase III

    Howard denies the story is true. Not because they never offered it to him, but he is too big to take the 12:30 gig and he didn't work for three decades to take a step back. Claims the story is ridiculous because he would never consider it although the original story is attributed to someone close to him and Beth is quoted directly in the story.

    I am sure there will be residual PR with guests coming in asking about where he is going to do it and Howard constantly bring it up to say how he is above the job, but this is the same PR blitz that was used when Howard was supposably replacing Ellen on Idol for $20 million a year.