Implants, lies and revelations - a roundup of various gems from the past.

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    Just a summary of the tidbits I've dug up from listening to tons of old tapes.
    I'll summarize the post so you don't have to click on the thread link unless you want to see the discussion.
    (All YouTube clips cued-up, just press play.)

    Beastie Boys called Howard bald:

    Beasties called out Howch on being bald waayyyyy back in April '87. Why would that have come up so long ago? Didn't he have hair back then?

    I think it was MCA who made the comment. RIP MCA.

    From Mammary Lane on 2-12:

    BB: ...because we said so many horrible things about you Howard, but we think you're really cool now...
    H: Of course you do
    BB: that we met you...
    H: Of course you do
    BB: ...actually, that you were bald and wore funny glasses...

    This was a rare occasion where Howie lost control of his show. Beasties were on for, like, the whole last half of the show and they fucking owned his ass. It was pretty much chaos. Interesting listen.


    Found the exact moment when staff Wakes up to Beth:

    Finally figured out when the staff caught on to the new Howard and Yoko. Howie really stumbles around on this one. Can't get his story straight. Sounds like a douche. (Thanks Booey for calling him out and everyone else for piling on.)


    "You know something, if I go gray I'm gonna color my hair":


    'My wife buys $27 dresses from Filene's, not $600 dresses':

    "She feels it would be irresponsible to spend $600 on an outfit"


    Jason once again our hero:

    Love this guy because he isn't afraid to call the staff out on their bullshit. From exposing the ISDN nonsense, to this one, which I missed. Jason tells Gary that coming to work 3 days a week just isn't cutting it. (And of course butt-buddies Gary and Jon quickly sweep it under the rug and go to break.) Love this fat fucking nerdy jew. From 1/16/13:


    How Stern really felt about Allison:

    "Allison hasn't figured out how to make money in her entire life --- useless!"


    Maybe the Tapes Team isn't being censored (Sal/Beth interview for win John's job):

    They just played this on the 11-20 Sternthology and whaddayaknow, they didn't cut the question where Beth lies about her fake tits or some of these other doozies.

    Also of note, Sal interviewing Beth is about four thousand times better and funnier than Benji interviewing her (...thing fucking sucked). Too bad that in order to keep his job, Sal can't be funny anymore.

    Some highlights (questions were gathered from staff and fans):

    (Bianca was in the room)
    Howard: Look at my dog, how cute is that?
    Sal: (Referring to Beth.) The one sitting on the bench?
    Beth: I'm's over

    (Question from fans)
    S: Do you have breast implants?
    B: No
    S: Okayy...the fans probably don't believe it but who cares, to hell with them.
    B: It's the truth

    (From Sal)
    S: Do you find Joey Ramone attractive?
    B: Yes
    S: How about an ostrich with a wig?
    B: No

    (From Fred)
    S: Have you ever heard Howard speak badly about another person on the show?
    B: Yes
    S: Who is that?
    B: All of them

    (From fans)
    S: F, marry, kill - Artie, Gary, KC
    B: Kill Artie, Marry Gary, F KC
    (She answered very quickly...sure, Beth likes the Joey Ramone type)

    H: Beth, by the way, is the cover girl of the Aug FHM
    S: FHM - Found Howards Money
    B: (Nervous chuckle)

    (From Howard)
    S: After Howard, who would you say is your best lover?
    B: I'm not gonna name names of my expletive (sic)
    (Then, after some prodding)
    B: It's an actor

    (From Fans)
    S: What's the worst thing your dad ever said either before or after you started dating HS?
    B: ...he can not get the image out of his head...of... (looks to Howard for help)
    H: I...I don't know
    B: I don't know if I can say...what's the one thing that you say that drives my dad...
    H: Oh, anal?
    B: Yeah, that's the image he said he had of his daughter dating HS


    Robin has B.O.

    From the 11-17 Tapes, while talking about Jackie and the way he smells after a night of garlic and drinking:
    Jackie: You know Robin...I never brought up your B.O., Robin.
    Robin: (Annoying, defensive laugh)
    Howard: Robin has B.O.?
    J: Are you kidding?!?
    R: (Indignantly, and I swear with an English accent) Really!
    H: Oh Jackie, you know that's not true
    J: When she wears that sleeveless stuff
    H: Oh, you are such a liar
    R: Oh, he's very funny
    J: Stinky!
    Jackie Puppet: You're ripe! Ripe!
    J: You fart, she smells
    All the while with Robin cackling in the background and everyone trying to deflect away from Robin.


    Artie calls Beth "horse face":

    Forgot about this one. From the 11-17 Tapes. After endless (and marginally funny) grandma Caprio impersonating from Howard (and saying some pretty low-down stuff about a "friend's" grandma), having said very little during the whole thing Artie finally snaps and says out of the blue:

    "I gotta get a chick with a horse face, like you"

    It's from the 10/31/06 show but I don't have stream to embed
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    Great thread. Thanks for tee-ups :lo5:
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    Miss Jackie and even Artie being real in the studio.
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    Years ago, howard has meg griffin on And she said to him "oh you changed your hair color, I like it"
    And he replied "yeah, I went a little darker"

    He totally admitted he colors his hair!
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    Fixed that for you