It's Just Wrong - Sisters Edition - 10/08/04

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    Does anyone know if this ever aired on E! ? Seems like it has disappeared completely. Even the Marks Friggin entry has been edited.

    It's Just Wrong - Sisters Edition. 10/08/04. 8:40am
    (This write up was edited per a request from 2 of the contestants who want people to forget they took part in this segment) Howard had a couple of sets of women come in to play a game of ''It's Just Wrong.'' They had one set of twins and another pair of sisters to play. First up were C (name removed) and K (name removed), 23 and 22 years old. Howard said they're very beautiful but they feel their breasts are too small. Howard said they don't look like they need implants though. They want them badly because they want to move up to a small D-cup from where they're at now. Howard told them they have to answer a series of questions and they will lose clothes when they get them wrong. Whoever ends up with the most clothing at the end wins. The girls have to remove the other girl's clothing when they get questions wrong so that's how they come up with the ''It's Just Wrong'' part of the game. The girls said they won't find that stuff to be awkward because they grew up together in the same room.
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    Here you are. Weird, since only their first names were used.