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    Jun 15, 2012
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    I haven't had Sirius for years and the only time I hear the show is when someone post clips here. I'm aware that the screeners usually only put on the same kiss-ass jokers on the phone, but occasionally a new caller gets through. My question is, why doesn't more Dawgs posters sneak through and call out Howard on his lies and bullshit. I mean, we have the cream of the crop of resourceful ballbusters on this site. You'd think some of them would have gotten through by now to make Stern "wig" out or better yet, call him out on his wig. Where are the Captain Janks among our ranks? Like I said, I haven't listened in a long time, so maybe more do than I'm aware of, or maybe they hit the dump button so fast that it never makes it to the air. It would be funny if Dawgs had an all-out phone assault on the Stern Show, though I guess they would just stop taking phone calls after awhile.
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