Kidd Chris debuts Thursday on WEBN-FM

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    "Kidd Chris†Foley debuts on WEBN-FM Thursday morning, replacing Mark & Mo, who were fired last month.

    Foley will host “The KiddChris Show†with his longtime sidekick, Thomas, as well as their crew of morning show characters. Foley is a former contributor to the Howard Stern Show, where he announced he was coming to WEBN-FM last month. See my Sept. 19 blog here.

    Kidd Chris had worked at Clear Channel’s WKLS-FM in Atlanta for Chris Williams, new Clear Channel FM operations director here. Both were let go in August when Clear Channel pulled the plug on WKLS-FM (96.1, or Project 9-6-1).

    Born Chris Foley in Syracuse, he has worked at stations in Wichita, Sacramento, San Antonio, Philadelphia and Portland OR.