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    Although for $45g's it's probably worth it

    L.I. woman gets $45G over Queens cop's racy picture, video grab

    BY John Marzulli, Rocco Parascandola
    Thursday, January 28, 2016, 4:00 AM
    [​IMG] Christie M Farriella/for New York Daily News
    Pamela Held, 30, accused a Queens cop of invading her privacy.
    A woman who accused a Queens cop of invading her privacy by texting himself racy pictures and videos from her cell phone has settled her suit with the city for $45,000, the Daily News has learned.
    The settlement is the latest bad news for 12-year NYPD veteran Sean Christian. He pleaded guilty last year to departmental charges, was docked 45 vacation days and placed on dismissal probation. He was also told the city would not indemnify him, exposing him to civil liability.
    It wasn’t clear how much Christian will have to shell out to the woman, Pamela Held, 30, of Long Island. Held’s lawyer wouldn’t comment and Christian's lawyer, Edward DeLeon, said only that there was “no admission of wrongdoing by anyone.” A spokesman for the city’s lawyers said the settlement “was in the city’s best interest.”
    Held was pulled over by 104th Precinct cops in February 2013 because her car had no inspection sticker. When officers found prescription drugs in the vehicle, she was arrested and issued a desk appearance ticket. The charges were later dropped.

    While she was being processed she gave police her phone to prove her whereabouts, then later learned 20 nude photos and 5 videos, all meant for her boyfriend’s eyes only, had been accessed. Her lawyer said they were forwarded to Christian’s phone, which he denied.