Entertainment Larry David Hosts SNL Tonight; Bernie Sanders to make appearance

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    FEBRUARY 6, 2016
    Larry David and Bernie Sanders are set to appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend, CNN Money reported.

    Larry David was confirmed as the host for SNL in January, a decision that brought back the show’s former writer more than three decades after David left the long-running TV series. While SNL or NBC has yet to confirm the appearance by the Democratic candidate, a senior member of his staff did. “[Bernie Sanders will] be live in New York,” Tad Devine told CNN.

    Will the presidential candidate and his doppelganger appear on the SNL stage at the same time? That could lead to a hilarious skit that is reminiscent of the Sarah Palin appearance in 2008 when look-alike Tina Fey portrayed John McCain’s running mate.

    Whether that holds true or not, Bernie Sanders appearing on the show has many positives for the campaign, the New York Post wrote. Bernie Sanders already has gathered a significant advantage over Hillary Clinton from young Democratic voters. Joining Larry David on SNL could only help the U.S. Senator gain more attention from a demographic of voters he desperately needs.

    SNL treated the world to Larry David playing Bernie Sanders for the first time on October 17, 2015. The feat came at the beginning of the show during the cold opening that mocked that week’s Democratic debate.

    Since his original skit, Larry David has made his way back into the spotlight on SNL several times playing Bernie Sanders, much to fans’ delight. Vulture caught up with SNL co-head writer Rob Klein to find out how Larry David originally landed the gig as the presidential hopeful.

    “Then Lorne [Michaels, SNL show runner] came back from dinner and got a phone call from Larry’s agent saying that Larry David wanted to play Bernie Sanders. I was really surprised. It was awesome. We were all there in a late-night meeting, and within, like, ten minutes, it went from ‘Oh, that would be so funny if it were Larry David’ to ‘Larry David is on the phone with Lorne making a hotel reservation.’ It was pretty great.”