Entertainment Last Chance U on Netflix AKA...Give Rodney Chance!

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by DinnerSocks, Jul 30, 2016.

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    Has anyone seen this yet? It's a new Docu-Series produced by Netflix that "dropped" recently. It follows the nation's top Junior College Football Program, the Eastern Mississippi Lions, for a whole season focusing on the coaching staff and several key players, some who were kicked out of big time schools and others who didn't have the grades in high school to get in to the big time schools.

    It's funny because all most of these kids really need to do is put in very minimal effort (the "college" is little more than a glorified high school) and they would get into much bigger, D-1 schools where they stand a much better chance of ending up on an NFL roster. However, getting any of them to do school work is like pulling teeth for the poor (and pretty hot) academic adviser. Instead, these kids are all focused on material items like smart phones and fancy Blu tooth headphones, Madden on XBox, and girls. Talk about throwing away pure, god-given talent, it's a pretty interesting watch.

    "Give Rodney 'nother chance!"