LOCAL FEMALE Entrepreneur takes Risk To work For Howard Stern

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    Fueled by the influences by the two most significant men in her life - her broadcasting-politico dad, and radio superstar Howard Stern, Lois has now decided to “rid the world of stereotypes, misperceptions and bullshit†in a broadcasting career of her own. Seems like a natural choice for her; at the age of three she once signed off her father’s show declaring, “Bye-bye, daddy’s radio peopleâ€!
    To quote Burak: “A huge element of a successful radio program is not only the content but the delivery and interest that its primary players have to offer. I bring much to the table.†Along with being provocative and candid about her sexual escapades, Ms Burak has a colorful and rich history as a daughter of a controversial radio host, Marvin Burak and a burlesque dancing mother who shot her father to death when Lois was 16. Unfortunately she was caught in the crossfire and resulting in a bullet to the leg. Despite many trials, Lois has remained positive. Creating opportunity for her and others where many could not.
    No topic is off-limits or beyond the scope of this dynamo, who can now be heard on The LoLo Show . “Hello, LoLo’s radio people!â€
    Tune WEDNESDAYS IN 9:00-11:00 pm est LOLO RADIO at www.loisburak.com ! The LoLo Show featuring Doctor Ivan, Jesse Ruser