Look out Shittens now there is Das Poop Boot!!

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    Presenting the worlds first old person ass wipe that you can use with your feet..

    First there was Shittens (copyright that jobless midget from the stern show).. but what asshole would want to use that that?? (pun intended)

    Now comes the only shit cleaning product approved by every convalescent hospital in Bar Harbor, Maine

    Das Poop Boot! ©


    yes with Das Poop Boot
    © ....cleaning grand-mom's dirty shit packed ass is now as easy as a kick in the ass


    now available at Wal-Mart and other fine ball-gag stores

    this product has not been evaluated by the fda not meant to cure or speed up your rich grandparents death
    may cause irritation of the ass.. see your dr if foot get stuck in grandmom's ass

    Shittens is a real product ... no really its a real product....I assure you that is not a joke.
    yea I know Rachel will be doing porn by Jan

    Mods this is clearly a gag... and you shouldn't be at home on Halloween anyway

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