Mitt Romney Killed The Artie Lange Show

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    Or something.

    Bain Capital has been whittling away at Guitar Center.

    Confirming my instincts, a perfunctory analysis of the company’s finances showed gargantuan debt structure and a liquidity crisis (also known as being broke.) Because the company is/was owned by a holding company created by private equity firm Bain Capital, it was impossible for me to deduce exactly the structure of their ownership and debt covenants. To summarize the story for those who don’t have a taste for corporate finance, just imagine you had $65,000 in credit card debt financed at a crappy rate, and that you made around $80,000 a year. Things on the horizon would look bleak, and you would be forced to either change your lifestyle or declare bankruptcy and get a fresh start. As such, irrespective of the contradictions inherent in the big box model and the general draining of wealth from their supposed middle class customers, I figured that these guys would be lucky to make it a few more months.

    It goes on quite a bit.

    Honestly I had no idea Guitar Center was ever big enough to matter. But Danny's sticking to his story that the upstairs neighbors / THE CITY made them stop allowing live performances.

    It's just curious that, as far as I recall, there were never any live performances at all BEFORE the Guitar Center stage branding hit, and then again none AFTER that sponsorship left.