More vacation deaths!! Oh, the humanity!

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    [h=1]Co-investigator of James Dean death dies at 94[/h]ATASCADERO, Calif. (AP) — One of the two California Highway Patrol officers who investigated James Dean's fatal car crash has died. Ron Nelson was 94.
    The San Luis Obispo Tribune ( reports that the longtime Atascadero resident died Aug. 7, a week after suffering a stroke.
    On Sept. 30, 1955, Nelson and another CHP officer, Ernie Tripke, responded to the collision of Dean's Porsche Spyder and a sedan at the junction of two San Luis Obispo County highways. Nelson photographed the wreck and helped write the report on the crash, which remains part of the Dean legend.
    His son, former Atascadero mayor Rolfe Nelson, says his father was humble but would talk about the crash if people wanted him to do so.
    Ron Nelson was also a Pearl Harbor survivor.
    Tripke died in 2010.

    [h=1]Irving Fein, who managed Burns, Benny, dies at 101LOS ANGELES (AP) — The daughter of producer-manager Irving Fein, who steered the careers of George Burns and Jack Benny, says her father has died.
    Irving Fein died last week at his West Hollywood, Calif., home at age 101, according to his daughter, Tisha Fein.
    Fein, a studio film publicist early in his career, moved into TV production with "The Jack Benny Program," which aired from 1952 to 1965.
    Fein gave George Burns' lagging career a boost when he helped the comedian get cast in the 1975 film "The Sunshine Boys," which won Burns an Oscar.
    Irving Fein's Aug. 10 death was due to an age-related illness, his daughter said. Services for him were held last weekend at Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary in Los Angeles.
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    And then what happened?