Stern Show MR ROBOT and Ronnie the Limo Drivers love of Shrimp Parmigian

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    Ive been thinking is Ray an alter ego character of the WhiteRose?

    If you were on dialysis, wouldnt time be omnipresent to you?

    And remember how Ray said he thought hr was going to save Elliot but the chess match turned and Elliot was the one to save him? Elliot made him look at all the evil his dreadpirate site was doing and he let Elliot hack him so he could be stopped because he couldnt stop himself, if he did he woild have been beaten alive by all the meatheads invested in bit coins and the dark enterprise.
    Ray has a schizophrenic personality, good guy worried about the neighborhood florist and then straight up gangster trafficking lityle girls and having his thugs beat you.
    Whiterose schizophrenic personality
    Elliot schizophrenia
    The schizophrenia of the actual show entwining fiction apocalypse with present day news clips and characters (they keep mention Obama, Clinton and FBI Dir Comey)

    Whiterose was the name of the german intellectual resistance group. Is that an accident?
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