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Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by Vashier, Sep 22, 2014.

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    Since there isnt a blog I'll make a thread....

    Hmmmm... This one is tough one to write. I loved Eric, hither to named ETDM Eric the Dead Midget.

    Dana Plato committed suicide over Howard Stern's interview. I know this in my heart. I was listening live that day Dana was in. She was a rat trapped in a maze with him. When she od'd that night I was heart broken, and pissed off. Stern pushed her to the point of mental anguish that no amount of sedatives or alcohol could reach.
    She found her escape from the maze.

    Eric called in the other day. He sounded off. More timid than his usual aspergers sounding self. He was talking about how Jon,(yaahnn) his home help aid, paid for by medicare, was leaving because he needed to attend his parents who were ailing.
    Stern jumped on Eric about how his life was now over. Jon made everything possible. Jon took him to the Bunny Ranch, would his father take him since they were now his care givers? His father took him to a shoot once and was not happy, was Eric to think hs father would take him on more? This went on for quite awhile. Eric, for the first time in his life, softly agree'd with Stern. His life was over when Jon left.

    Saturday, a few days later, Jon was leaving. Eric had a cardiac emergency and died shortly there after. Eric had been told his life was over when Jon left... Either Stern is the REAL Long Island Medium, or he is just as guilty in Eric's death as he was in Dana's.
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    I think we need to start pushing this info around the net. Maybe it will catch. AGT's Howard Stern killed a midget. By "we", I of course mean people other than myself. I'm not even on facebook or twitter, let alone whatever you kids got nowadays. Maybe that transcript of his last call posted in another thread can go viral and it will become common internets knowledge that Howard has now killed two midgets. One for entertainment and the other just because he's a cruel prick.

    How funny would it be if Howard's efforts trying to force himself upon middle America were dashed for good once the transcript of him bullying a midget to death makes the rounds?
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    as much as I dislike present day Howard and love to see him get shit on I think you might really be grasping at straws here. perhaps no one noticed but Eric had some medical problems.....they were subtle and he hid them well but they were definitely there. I think they may have been more to blame for his death than Howard teasing him a bit. Howard busting his balls on the phone was the entire extent of their relationship and had been since day 1. granted I didn't hear the show but unless Eric was in tears and threatening to kill himself then there was really no reason for Howard to act any differently than normal. I just thinking blaming someone's death on another person is a serious accusation, even a person as despicable as Howard.

    but I've definitely been wrong a million times in my life so who knows?