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    Anyone use this Netflix add-on? Is it safe? Effective?


    What is Hola browser extension and how does Hola Unblocker work
    Hola Unblocker is chiefly known as a web browser extension (also sometimes called "add-on" or "plugin") that removes network region locks. Being installed woth a web browser this unlocking feature allows then a user to watch top TV and movie streaming websites. Almost no limits: Netflix US along with regional ones, Hulu, CBS, Fox TV, iTV, BBC iPlayer, Pandora and many more, completely regardless of where you are at the moment.
    How it works? Generally speaking, Hola as well as its alternatives is very similar to so-called virtual private networks and actually works like a VPN service. The difference is that this browser plugin uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to share online content between users. In other words, having installed the extension with a web browser a user makes the online content that he himself is allowed to access available for other users.
    Fast surfing, no geo-based limitations and restrictions, smooth audio and video stream - all for free and free for all!
    Hola app is also available as a VPN-like application - Interner Accelerator - which is more sophisticated than their web browser plugin and require some settings to be done. Anyway, both solutions are absolutely free and work perfectly for users from different rgions. In addition, Hola Unlocker browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Safari browser is not supported as of yet, however you can run Hola service on Mac OS X simply by using using their free browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. The addon does not require any set-up configuration to be done at all. It works right out of the box.

    Get free access to geo-restricted streaming services and websites that are not available from your current location or just blocked from your local network
    Well indeed, we've already seen a lot of other methods of region-restrictions unlocking, incl. web proxy based tools and extensions, changing DNS servers, using a VPN service or other online solutions like the Tunnelbear and such. As of Hola Unlocker, it makes the whole process very easy and flawless. You simply add the extension to your browser and it does all the rest for you. There is no need to reboot your computer or change any settings in your browser.

    Hola unlocker and gaming consoles
    Hola! extension for Firefox and Chrome enables access to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, iTV Player, BBC iPlayer, CBS and Fox TV streaming. With Hola you're able not only to unblock and watch or listen to streamed audio/video content with your computer or mobile device, but also stream movies or music straight to your Playstation 3 gaming console with Chrome installed. The addon won't work with Xbox 360 and Wii U, though.
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    unlock that UK Netflix, they had Better Call Saul the day after it aired on AMC
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    I've used it occasionally in the past, the cool thing about it is that it just proxies your connection in the browser with a click and you can choose which country you want too.
    It's usually fast enough to handle high quality video, which is nice, but it does take a while sometimes to load. Also the speed does depend on which server it connects you to - you may need to turn it off and then turn it back on so it chooses another one.
    It remembers your settings if you turn it on for a specific website but you occasionally may need to refresh or clear your cookies because it won't load in time before you get to a website.
    It's good and free.

    If you want a VPN though (they cost money but are well worth it) which encrypts your connection and makes it look like all of your traffic is coming from somewhere else TorrentFreak has yearly articles about which ones are the best and take your anonyimty seriously (won't keep logs like connection logs and therefore can't hand your data over to people like copyright holders) and which ones offer the best service. You can usually choose which country to make it look like your connection is coming from too, depending on which one you sign up for.

    But if you just wanna stream Netflix in your browser Hola isn't a bad choice.
    I'd like to point out though that Netflix may end up blocking Hola and VPNs in the future as copyright holders and region licensers are constantly putting them under pressure to do so. They rolled out some updates at the start of this year which looked like a test to block certain VPNs and proxy services - likely just to see how things turned out.

    The people at Netflix have stated publicly in the past that all of their content should be unlocked globally but they're always being put under pressure by people who hold the licenses over their heads.
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    Try hola 1.13 its still available on the web and free . i. Use it on firefox