Nicest guy in the world makes fun of Howard's airbrushing

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    Yes, Richard Simmons himself called out Howard for retouching his picture -- way back in '89. In fact, after he glanced at his picture, he burst out laughing uncontrollably which prompted Howard to ask what was wrong.

    "Oh my god it's touched up!"
    Jackie starts cracking up
    Robins starts laughing and says "Ohhhh Richard, Richard"
    Howard starts fumbling to deny it.
    Richard keeps laughing at Howard
    Howard says "Do you think that's really touched up?"
    Richard says "Well, not touched up, etched." (Implying it was miles beyond touched-up.)
    Howard keeps denying it then goes to the low blow with Richard calling him ugly.

    Not that we're enlightened, you can hear when Howard switches into lie-mode.

    1-29-2015 Sternthology at 34:00
    12-13-1989 Stern Show during Robin's news

    Sorry I don't have a source to post an audio stream but if you search for that Sternthology date, you can find where to download it pretty easily.

    Towards the bottom

    "Richard was laughing his ass off at the picture of Howard that was on his U.S. Open Sores video tape. He said it was so touched up. Howard told him to take his gifts and get out of there when he said that. Robin told Richard that it was untouched but he didn't believe it."
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