October 19: This Day in TV History

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    Just a few random TV related events that happened on October 19. Discuss or comment as you please……

    1932: Actor Robert Reed (The Defenders, The Brady Bunch, Mannix) is born (as John Robert Rietz) in Highland Park, Illinois.

    1945: Actor John Lithgow (3rd Rock From the Sun) is born in Rochester, New York.

    1951: Less than a month after sales of the first color receivers began [see TDITVH for September 20], the government asks CBS to suspend production of color receivers "to conserve material for defense" for the duration of the Korean War. CBS immediately agrees, and announces that it will also drop color broadcasts (the last CBS Color System broadcast would be the following day’s North Carolina-Maryland football game). The non-compatible color sets are recalled and destroyed; however, production of B&W sets continues unabated! The whole scenario, according to Allan B. DuMont, was "a move to take Columbia off the hook" and give them an excuse to scrap their already doomed system while saving face.

    1953: Arthur Godfrey fires Julius La Rosa on the air.

    1954: KAKE-TV (channel 10) signs on in Wichita. Kansas.

    1982: St. Elsewhere premieres on NBC.

    2010: Tom Bosley died of a staph infection at his home in Palm Springs California at the age of 83. He's best known for his role as Howard Cunningham on Happy Days, & the spokesman for SMC (Specialty Merchandise Corporation).
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    So you're saying the government lied to us ?? Oh my:jj: