OK, who wrote this about Howtrurd's 9/11 comparison?

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    You should investigate Howard Stern the Idiot even further. Take his wife's recent book project for instance.

    Initially you’re taken aback by the absolutely strange giant “look at us!” photo of the supposed author Beth Stern (though the book is actually reportedly written by a Disney contracted ghostwriter for hire named KA Alistir), Beth’s husband, and Yoda the Persian cat on the back cover of the dust jacket – there is no other children’s author that has ever done this. If you didn’t already know, you might be surprised to realize the husband is Howard Stern -- the once “king of talk radio” in the early ‘90s with the dump button who basically all but disappeared to satellite radio about 10 years ago, doing only 2-3 hour interview shows a few times a week for reportedly 60-70,000 listeners now; a near billionaire resting on his laurels as it were. Beth says he stays away in his room learning watercolor painting and modge podging. I guess you can’t blame him for cashing out. He’s also one of the judges on TV’s “Americas Got Talent”, but since he’s been onboard ratings at that TV show are at their all-time lowest too. One of his continual pet projects seems to be getting his wife Beth some type of celebrity status over the years, and publicists I talked with say that he’s financed this entire Yoda book project behind the scenes, as he’s done many others for her, as one of those rich-wife vanity projects to keep her out of his hair (?) so to speak.

    We’re told that the entire proceeds of this book are supposed to go to the North Shore Animal League animal shelter in New York. Investigating this organization, I found it is rated as one of the lowest animal shelters in the nation in percentage of money going towards the animals versus administration (read: salaries; the directors at NSAL all pay themselves high 6-figure salaries there and sponsor million dollar galas for themselves throughout the year) with only approximately 30% of solicited donations going to the animals’ benefit. The Sterns have been beseeching donations from celebrities and former fans for a $7+ million dollar expansion to this organization’s shelter for over 4 years now, but surprisingly there is no breaking ground of the project as yet. There is no published public accountability of the current accumulated donations and expenses of their Bianca Furry Friends efforts over the last 4 years either. Of course, if the Sterns really had no interest in keeping this simply a vanity exposure project for Beth – she gets to play dress up, get photographed, and make television appearances – they could have easily funded the entire project anonymously years ago, but that would have been the quiet, unnoticed, benevolent, and correct thing to do.

    Investigate the author online and you realize very quickly that the near 50-year old Beth Stern has no children of her own, and seems to be using small docile animals as psychological or maternal replacement props for some sort of weird self-attention, self-seeking, celebrity status. Most of the photos of her so-called “rescuing” animals include 10-14 week-old kittens in photo shoots stuck down her dresses with mostly Beth front and center; cute little kittens which would have absolutely no problem being readily adopted at any legitimate animal shelter nor have any need to be fostered for a few weeks at any of the Stern’s mansions.

    You’ll find literally thousands of recent photos & selfies of Beth on Instagram, Google, and Twitter with kittens, all the while she’s dressed in expensive celebrity designer outfits, lavish calf leather coats, and multi-thousand-dollar lambskin purses (saving kittens but exploiting calves and lambs is okay I guess) – any one of which dollar amounts would probably be the budget for any regular neighborhood animal shelter for a month. I wonder if Beth will ever really think of the truly forsaken animals, and instead of spending thousands of dollars for another calf-skin purse or custom made designer leather shoes, sends the money anonymously to some middle America animal shelter?

    Forget the thousands of dollars each month that Howard pays Indian Internet social media firms for fake followers to almost instantly +like and positively comment on everything that Beth posts on Instagram and Twitter each day. What you don’t see are photos of her working and getting dirty in the animal shelters, fostering true feral animals that actually need readjusting care & households, rescuing abandoned animals, or spending their own money to fund an animal shelter. Heck, in the simplest of terms, she’s just using little kittens to take photos of herself, and then trying to convince us normal folks that she’s a saint doing god’s work to get our money that we actually had to work for.

    In the grand scheme of things that are wrong in the world, it’s just so hypocritical to see a wannabe celebrity billionaire, who completely tucked into her wealth by marrying some old guy, peddle a book that most likely wasn’t even written by her, wasn’t drawn by her, and wasn’t her initial idea, to attempt one last time to gain fame and recognition based mostly on some PR firm’s pet project, all paid for by Howard behind the scenes.

    Cut out the middle man, especially in this case, and donate your money to your neighborhood animal shelter if you’re so inclined. There’s no need to funnel hypocrisy through this book.