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    Howard actually got angry about Benjy saying that he 'might' have tasted some seman during a sex act and Howard must have tasted it b/c of how angry he was getting.
    Whats the big deal?In the heat of the moment anything is fair game(except homo or beastiality).
    I use to swallow my mans cum and we would also French kiss after with a mouth full of cum we'd both swallow some cum,and laugh at it.We weren't like,"Oh no you don't,etc."(like Howard would do).It's a fulfilling sex act that we happened to like to do,Greg and I.
    Some people are just prudish,like Howard and some guys here!As if you all have a list of no-no's instead of,"why not..lets try it"(except for beastiality or homosexuality)Homosexuality is something you are born with,I think so they are in a different box-sigh,huh?It's not for me but beastiality is SO VERY WRONG and you can watch stuff like that on Vice and how common it is like a man who is alone except for his female dog,or a lesbian with a male dog-they talk about that on VICE where in some God awful country has Donkey sex-look it up it's disgusting but for them it's natural and a lady said it's more common than you think!How did I get here!?Should I have deleted this?Probably.Here it goes..