Sports Penn State Football to Have Camp at the "Peddie School"

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    College football teams have camps in states outside their area to check out recruits. NJ is a pretty hot area for college football recruits. Michigan is having a couple of camps in NJ.
    There are hundreds of high schools in NJ. Penn State has to choose the one named the Peddie School?
    And their offensive coordinator at the camp is named Joe Moorhead.

    Did anyone at Penn State take pause when they scheduled this?


    Penn State officially gets in on New Jersey satellite camp action
    The satellite camp duel between Rutgers and Michigan's football programs has been well documented, as the Wolverines' N.J. recruiting efforts persist. And it looks like they'll have company from Big Ten foe Penn State, who on Wednesday finalized its plans to attend a satellite camp at Peddie School (Hightstown, N.J.) on June 15, from 5 to 8 p.m., according to

    Coaches from Fordham are also scheduled to attend, as Nittany Lions offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead coached at the school from 2012 to 2015.

    Such camps were dubbed "satellite camps" in 2014 by Penn State head coach James Franklin, who coined the term. And they have gained national recognition due to Jim Harbaugh's public dispute with the NCAA over whether they should be allowed or not — they currently are. But a variation of the practice had been in place over a decade ago as former Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano, was one of it's pioneers, establishing a Florida pipeline to Piscataway by hosting one-day camps for high school prospects in the Sunshine State.

    The NCAA responded in 2007 with a rule, dubbed "the Rutgers Rule," that prevents coaches from holding high school camps at out-of-state locations more than 50 miles from campus. But there was a loophole to that rule that allowed coaches to work camps hosted by other schools outside of the 50-mile radius.

    his allows programs opportunities to make early evaluations and to have contact with underclassmen, which would be disallowed otherwise. And they also get the opportunity to build their brand. The camps can also be helpful for recruits who don't have the means to fly across the country to prospective schools' of interest.

    When satellite camps take place on high school campuses, they usually occur where there is talent in abundance, as colleges look to make an impression on recruits and evaluate top prospects of interest in-person.

    And this camp is no different as Peddie boasts a number of Power 5-caliber recruits, headlined by sophomore wide receiver and national recruit Jahan Dotson, who will play for Peddie in 2016, after transferring from Nazareth (Pa.) this off-season.
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    These people are as tone-deaf as you can get.

    Fuck Pedo State.
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    The same people who claim to be so outraged by the PSU/Sandusky scandal are always the first ones with the Chomo jokes...
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    Haha, I went to Peddie.

    Alma mater of Jets GM Mike Maccagnan.