Sports perhaps the best NBA player you've never heard of

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    meet Josh Richardson, hes 6'6, currently filling the role of backup point guard like a boss in Miami, and has a sweet jumper to match that athleticism. hes a 22 year old rookie who was drafted in the 2nd round of this past draft, at #40

    he also wears number 0, which immediately makes you the coolest player on your team

    in six March games, hes hit 12 of his 19 three point attempts and averaging over 10 points in 27 mins per game of the bench with very low usage. He didnt get much run until last month,but lately hes been Miami's best rookie...which is saying something considering they have a top 10 pick on the roster (although Winslow is grossly overrated in my opinion)

    since that Monroe dunk people have started to catch on to him, so hes probably going to be overrated by a lot of people and mistaken for something hes not....definitely wont wow you with the raw numbers but players like this guy stay in the league for a long time. hes going to be a solid, versatile 3-and-D player for the next ten years, bank on it. 6'6 players who can play and guard 3 positions are more valuable in today's positionless league than ever before

    hes a very Tennessee player, which is definitely not a bad thing.

    Nobody is reading that