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    Eazy E starts off with a verse in Still Talkin' about keeping a spare pussy in the freezer,

    I got a fable that you need to listen to
    It's a funky little rhyme about a bitch or a two
    One Sharone and the other one Shine
    I want to nut but which one do I want?
    Shine said Eazy let me fuck you blind
    And Sharon said E I want to blow your mind
    I said fuck it, I know what should be done
    Just pull your panties down and I'll fuck the biggest one
    And then I get the other pussy put it in the freezer
    So I can always have a on-hold skeezer
    Get out to tick it, I do it like that
    So I told the ho's to take a big step back
    Took the zipper down, I'z wide and said
    Here's what I'm gonna put inside
    Grab it like a rabbit, grab it let's wreck it
    But I won't love you,
    When I'm done I'd still be talkin' shit ...
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    freight train coming down the tracks
    chugga chugga chugga
    freight train coming down the tracks
    chugga chugga chugga

    A BOX CAR!