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    1. No posting personal information. This is a MUST! There is no excuse for posting any information you may come across on any poster here. Now of course the rule works both ways. If you post the info about yourself you are no longer covered by this rule. It is up to you to protect your information here. Now, if someone doesn't mind their personal photos then by all means have fun with them, but again, it is your responsibility to guard your personal information.

    2. No links to direct downloads of copyrighted material. NO MENTIONS OF FILE SHARING SITES, THEIR CONTENT, OR THEIR NAMES, ARE ALLOWED Web sites get shut down for this all the time. Do not take our home away as you will be the one banned. If you do not own the right to post the material do not post it. This means anything copyrighted including Movies, TV shows, Music and any pirated Howard stern show stuff. Keep it off of this forum.

    3. No jailbait or underage erotica.

    4. No mults.

    5. NSFW in NSFW Forum only.

    6. Overt racism and race-based threats will not be tolerated at the Saloon. Anyone caught breaking this rule will have their account closed

    7. Threatening another poster with physical harm will not be tolerated. You are committing a crime when you threaten physical harm and it will result in an instant ban from this site.

    8.There are no protected members here and everyone will follow and be protected by these rules.

    9.No Spam. By this we mean no posting of services or goods for sale. In other words, no free advertising. We don't make money off of the sales of advertising space here so neither shall you. Even if we started to have advertising on this site, you still can't. No ebay links for non-stern show related products that are still live auctions, nothing that we haven't decided is acceptable before it is posted. If you have a request of this nature notify a mod/admin of your desire to advertise here on the site.

    10. Trolling, defined as the making of a thread to incite a negative response from a user group, will no longer be tolerated. You may hate the Bar, Howard Stern, artie, or O&A forum posters all you like, but keep that hatred to yourself. We are all citizens of Dawgs' Saloon, no one forum is better than any other. Intramural board wars are just as stupid as regular board wars. There is no reason for them and all they ever accomplish doing is the splintering of a boards membership to the point that one group of posters will up and leave over it. That may be your goal, but it is not ours. We are one big happy family. Fight all ya like, but don't troll or break any furniture. That back bar mirror cost a fortune to replace last time."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.