Report from my Fantasy Football Draft

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    We had some rule changes in my ppr league this year. They bumped passing tds from 4 to 6 points, and they dropped starting a WR3 for a Flex RB/WR/TE. My league puts a premium on TE receiving yds, 2 pt bonus at 75yds, 5pts at 100. Graham and Gronk were off the board 5 picks in to the second round.

    I had the # 3 pick, here is my team in the order I picked them

    Drew Brees
    Greg Jennings
    AJ Green
    Vernon Davis
    Trent Richardson
    Reggie Wayne
    Giants D/ST
    Fred Davis
    Ben Tate
    Toby Gerhart
    Alex Henery
    Bills D/ST
    Danny Amendola
    Jerome Simpson
    T-Bo ;)
    Josh Scobee

    If T-Rich performs as at least a RB2, I should be ok. Jennings is the iffy pick for me. I just thought that was too high for Victor Cruz.

    Besides K and D/ST, anyone picked after rnd 7 is going to be swapped out via waivers. I am going to be keeping my eyes out for a 3rd TE that emerges, and a RB after some starters get hurt. I hope Peterson doesn't start the season healthy, so Toby gets some stats. Amendola could be tremendous value for where I got him.

    Probably gonna cut T-Bo and pick up Bradford before the season starts. I just drafter hiim to hear a groan from the crowd. They were slamming my picks a lot, because I was taking the trophy home for the second straight year.