Robin: "Wait a minute, I got all of this, DON'T BLOW IT for me GARY!"

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by Mr Pink, Feb 2, 2014.

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    What would prompt an outburst like this from Robin???

    Ohh, just that she was doing the news about that folk singer who died, getting everything wrong and blaming everyone else for her being wrong along the way, as usual, when Booey comes over the intercom with an assist, trying to help out, only to be shot down in flames with:

    "Wait a minute! I got all of this, GARY, DON'T BLOW IT for me okaaay!"

    Blow what??? There is really nothing in the news cast that can be blown since it's all kind of a joke anyway, innit. For fuck sake, we're talking about a few crappy hippie folk songs that a dozen people re-did and no one gave a shit who sang.

    It shows their minds are coming unravelled -- or is it just the normal, petty interplay?

    30 seconds of the train wreck:

    Sorry, couldn't figure out how to imbed it.
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    "Oh see, then THEIR wrong."

    Yup, once again everyone else is wrong. Even when Robin fucks up all by herself for the 125,635,000 time.
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