Sal's Insane love for KISS PT.2

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    And here we go continuing the hilarity that is Sal "The Stockbroker" Governale:

    Sal Governale's KISS Portfolio Fund
    by Sal Governale[HR][/HR]I've created what I call the KISS Portfolio fund which consists of four stocks. These are real stocks that are publicly traded and the symbols are as follows: ACE, GENE, PAUL, and PETE.Ace and Gene are selling at 6.50 a share while
    Peter is selling at 18.50 and
    Paul is at the dirt cheap price of .0003 (A fraction of a cent.)
    As of Monday I will track this portfolio on a weekly basis and over the course of the year we can all see what a $10,000 investment would have yielded us!
    Asylum viewers can also email me and take imaginative positions in individual stocks as well. (For example you can buy 1000 ACE and 1000 Paul).
    Every Monday I'll post what was the biggest percentage gainer and loser of the week as well as highest and lowest volume. Also I will post the KISS funds overall performance on a percentage basis as well.
    NOTE: Theses stocks have absolutley nothing to do with KISS and are being tracked soley on the coincidence that their symbols represent the names of all 4 KISS members. Investors are not advised to truly invest (but if they want to then go for it!)

    Status of October 1997:Peter Criss: Symbols PETE, trades on the Nasdaq.
    PETE: Now at $27.25 a share! He is the fund leader yielding a 47% return!
    Ace Frehley: Symbols ACE, trades on the New York Stock Exchange
    ACE: He's back in the NY Groove! At $7.06 a share he returns 8% to Kiss investors!

    Gene Simmons: Symbols GENE, trades on the nasdaq
    GENE: A happy halloween always makes the demon happy so he surges up to $8.50 a share! Up like a bat out of hell at he returns 31%!!!

    Paul Stanley: Symbols PAUL, trades as a penny stock Over the Counter (OTC)
    PAUL: Unchanged at .0003. Paul is taking his focus on the new album and promises his stock will rise once the LP hits the shelves!

    For the month of October Sal Governales KISS PORTFOLIO FUND is no up a tremendous 22% and is returning a cash profit of $2167.62! Happy KISSOWEEN!

    Week 16 Status (8/11/97)
    PETE--The leader of the pack! Up 38% at 25.50ACE--Slips a bit to 6.25 down 4%
    Gene--Holds his own, up 13% at 7.37
    Paul--Unchanged at .003 of a cent
    Sal Governales KISS PORTFOLIO FUND is up 12% for week 19 and returns a cash profit of $1185.63. Later Army! -Sal Governale

    Week 15 Status (8/4/97)
    PETE--Now at $28.00 a share the Catman is up 29%!!ACE--For the 1st time in this portfolio Ace drops below his starting price of $6.50. He now is at $6.18 (down 5%) but I believe the Spaceman will be back!
    GENE--A little skiddish himself, he rests his tongue for a bit at slips to 7. Up 7%
    PAUL--Yawn.....unchanged at .003 of a cent
    Well not a great week but Sal Governale's KISS PORTFOLIO FUND is still up 11% for 15 weeks and returns a cash profit of $1084.00 -Hugs n "Kisses" -Sal G

    Week 14 Status (7/28/97)
    PETE--This week he closes at $25.75 and is up 39%ACE--At $6.62 Mr. Frehley is up 2%
    GENE--For week 14 the tongue swinging demon is at $7.31, up 12%
    PAUL--Unchanged at .003 of a cent.
    Sal Governale's KISS PORTFOLIO FUND for week 14 is up 13% and returning a cash profit of $1339.50. Rock on! -Sal G.

    Week 13 Status (7/21/97)
    PETE--At $26.00 Peter Criss is a true champion showing KISS ARMY investors 40%ACE--Slipping and sliding he's up 3% at $6.31
    GENE--A little less blood trickles down his neck as he slips to $7.44 up 14%
    PAUL--He may have the "Magic Touch" but not here as he stays unchanged at .003
    The KISS PORTFOLIO FUND is up 13% showing KISS ARMY investors $1301.00 on their KISS KASH! -Sal Governale

    Week 12 Status (7/14/97)
    PETE--At 26 hes rockin' and rollin' over with a 40% return!!!!ACE--Dont pull the plug on him ..oh no he falls DOWN 3% at 6.31
    GENE--The king of "Charisma" returns a 28% return at 8.31
    PAUL--Unchanged at .0003
    The KISS PORTFOLIO is now returning a 16% return for 12 weeks and is booking a cash profit of $1638.13 -Sal Governale

    Week 11 Status (7/7/97)
    PETE--At week 11 Peter Criss is at $25.125 per share and is up 36%ACE--Creepin back up the spaceman is now at 6.69 per share, up 3%
    GENE--Waving his tongue and shaking his hips he celebrates at $8.25 per share and is up 27%
    PAUL--As the roadies fix his swinging lovegun trapeez he waits at .003 of a cent, unchanged.
    Sal Governales KISS PORTFOLIO FUND is now up 16% in 11 weeks and returns a cash profit of $1,640.00! Rock on ASYLUM! -Sal G.

    Week 10 Status (6/30/97)
    PETE--Purring like a kitty Peter is now at $24.25 up 36%ACE--Whoa! Hope its not "Cold Gin" time again as the spaceman falls to $6.125 a share and is up .02%
    GENE--A blood spitting return of 25% the demon delivers at $8.125 a share!
    PAUL--Needs to reload his "Love Gun" so he stays unchanged for now at .003 a share.
    Sal Governales KISS PORTFOLIO FUND is now yielding an overall return of 16% and returns a cash profit to the KISS ARMY of $1585.00!! Rock on!-Sal Governale

    Week 9 Status (6/23/97)
    PETE--The Catman crawls up another .25 cents to $24.50 returning 32.4%!!ACE--Hope he's not back on the bottle! He falls back to $6.75 but he is still up at a 4% return.
    GENE--The God of Thunder proves his name! At $8.875 a share he is now the leading stock in the KISS PORTFOLIO FUND and is returning a whopping 36.5%!!
    PAUL--The rust is settling in on his chained up boots, ....unchanged he yawns at .003 yet it still beats being down!
    The Fund is now yielding 18% in 9 weeks and booking a cash profit of over $1800.00! Incredible! I sure wish I put real money into this!....Or maybe I...(LOL) -Sal Governale

    Week 8 Status (6/16/97)
    PETE--Strumming away, the cool cat stays at 24.25 this week gaining 31%ACE--The spaceman drinks too much "Cold Gin" and spends a miserable week recouping with only .375 of a point slipping way back to 6.875. Up .057%
    GENE--Swinging his tongue and grooving his stock the demon is now at 8 with the biggest gain for the past week at 23%!
    Paul--He simply says "No Comment" and still since his first day in the fund does not budge from .0003 of a cent.
    Sal Governale's KISS PORTFOLIO FUND is now up 15% in 8 weeks and is returning a cash profit of $1498.00. Well alright!!!! -Sal Governale

    Week 7 Status (6/9/97)
    PETE--At $24.25 the catman is purring like a kitten. He's up 31% and rolling!ACE--Strokes another power chord and sounds strong at $7.125 a share returning 11%!
    GENE--The warlock of wallstreet brews up some serious smoke and is now at $7.56 a share returning 16%!
    PAUL--He may "Sure Know Something" but we wouldn't know with his usual return that remains unchanged at .003 of a cent.
    Sal Governale's KISS PORTFOLIO FUND is up 14% returning a cash profit within 7 weeks for $1425.00! So GET UP!!!(as Gene would say) and ROCK!
    -Sal Governale

    Week 5 & 6 Status (5/23 & 6/2/97):
    PETE--Gives us "Nothing To Lose" with a hot return and claws back to $24.00 a share up 30%!
    ACE--Flubs a note during his solo and slips slightly to $7.00 a share yet he still has no trouble walkin with a 7% return!
    GENE--The lord of the wastelands stomps his way up to $8.12 a share at a sinister return of 25%!!
    Paul--breaks a heel on his boot yet continues the show unchanged at . 003 cents staying unchanged.
    Sal Governale's KISS PORTFOLIO FUND continues to rival other top finnancial managers out there by yielding an overall return of 16% in 6 weeks and returns a cash profit to KISS ARMY investors of $1561.00!
    Whoooo! -Sal Governale

    Week 5 Status (5-26-97):
    Sal Governale will be away in Bermuda thinking about you all but unfortunatly cannot post a week 5 update. Week 6 will be a 2 week status report. Thanks! -Sal Governale

    Week 4 Status (5-19-97):
    PETE--Drops one of his drumsticks and slips slightly to $23.625 per share and still slamming at a 28% return!ACE--Shocks us all as the big percentage gainer this week at $7.25 a share returning 11.5%!
    GENE--The God Of Thunder spits a little less blood this week giving back .25 cents a share to $7.50, up 15%!
    PAUL--The starchild is having problems with his laser eye yet he does not dissapoint fans by staying unchanged at .003 of a cent.
    Sal Governale's KISS PORTFOLIO FUND is still the "Destroyer" of the stock market at an overall yield of 14% and showing the KISS ARMY INVESTORS a cash profit of $1,365.00! So lets rock n roll all night and invest everyday!
    -Sal Governale

    Week 3 Status (5-12-97):
    PETE--Still at $24.00 up 30%ACE-- At $6.62 he returns a 2% gain
    GENE--The big gainer this week at $7.75 up 19%
    Paul--Unchanged at .003 of a cent, a 0% return
    Overall Sal Governale's KISS PORTFOLIO FUND is now yielding a 13% return and showing KISS ARMY investors a cash profit of $1,272.00!
    Rock on! -Sal Governale

    Week 2 Status (5-5-97):
    Note: It says week two because the original post was put together two weeks ago yet made public on the Asylum last week. Here is the present status of Sal Governale's KISS FUND:pete -- This week: $24.00 Up 5.50 points at a 30% gain!
    Ace -- This week: $6.87 Up .375 cents at a 5.7% gain!
    Gene -- This week: $6.75 Up .25 cents at a 4% gain!
    Paul -- is sadly unchanged (better then down) at .003 cents
    In two weeks the KISS Portfolio Fund is yielding a 9.8% return with a cash profit of $983.00 on a $10,000 investment! Not bad for 2 weeks! I'm sure Gene would love this! Rock on KISS ARMY! -Sal Governale

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    Continuing the hilarity? I wasn't aware the hilarity had even begun. The funniest thing about Sal is his resume posted on The Smoking Gun.