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    (nice cheek piercings btw)

    WASHINGTON -WASHINGTON - A U.S. Postal Worker says she was assaulted by two women in a dispute over missing mail, but D.C. police tell a different story. They say she was the aggressor and the suspect instead, and that she may have called friends for help before officers arrived.

    Mia Williams works out of the USPS facility on Benning Road NE. On Tuesday afternoon as she was out delivering mail in the Lincoln Heights area of D.C., she claims she was assaulted by two women who were angry about mail that was allegedly delivered to the wrong place and was missing.

    Punches were thrown, and Mia went to the hospital. But in a public report on the incident, D.C. police say Williams lashed out first, and hit a pregnant woman in the face.

    Williams has been on the job for less than a year, and sometimes walks the route that takes her through the Lincoln Heights neighborhood and to the address on 51st Street NE where the alleged altercation took place.

    "And then she started cussing, so I just said. ‘Okay, ma'am, have a nice day,' and I didn't even get a chance to deliver her mail, and I walked into the next yard to deliver their mail,” Williams told FOX 5.

    That's when Williams says she was attacked, claiming that one of the women smacked her and the other punched her in the face.

    Williams happened to be on the phone with her mother at the time, and she corroborated her daughter's story.

    “I heard Mia say, ‘Have a nice day,' and I am assuming she was turning to walk away, and then you could hear the phone just rattling and rattling,” her mother said.

    The police report, however, claims the mail carrier lashed out first, and “smushed” one of the women in the face before hitting the other one with her fists. One of those women, who is seven months pregnant, repeated that story to FOX 5 at her home on Wednesday afternoon, but declined to go on camera. She claims Williams was the aggressor, and after leaving the area, she came back in her work vehicle with two car loads of people who were not officials or police. That's a claim Williams denies.

    Williams told FOX 5 she can't believe the incident happened, and she also can't believe the police are allowing the other women to get away with it.

    “How can you hit someone who is delivering the mail for the federal government? How can they be getting away with this?”

    Williams told FOX 5 she was taken to Howard University Hospital, where she was treated and released.

    No charges have been filed and police are still investigating the incident.
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    All parties guilty
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    This isn't too far from where that news crew got their van cleaned out when they went down there to talk to the locals about that sketchy neighborhood app about 2 weeks ago. It just proves again that the app is awesome and a valuable tool for anyone who plans on visiting DC.