Sirius Support - God Damn Circle Jerk

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by SternsEgo, Mar 16, 2015.

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    I've read many posts on here about people trying to cancel their sxm account and the bullshit they are put through. Had 2 accounts one for each car, the two cars have been sold. I called to cancel since the two new cars have it 1yr free. I told them this and they just connected me from one department to the next, and every fuck nut asks the same questions..

    1. Which car ?
    2. Adress ?
    3. Name ?

    etc etc

    After 30 mins I had to hang up, had to go to work, I was gonna fucking lose it on these shits. I felt like one of those morons on a jim Florentine prank call, where he and his buddy pass the phone back and forth.
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    Seems like half the people who try to cancel are offered another 6 months or a yaer at a very low price.
    The other half are people like you who get the runaround.
    I sugest you call back at a different time of day or on a weekend so as to get someone who will actually do what you want.
    If you are worried about them charging your credit card again when your subscriptions are up, go to your account and change one number in your credit card number.
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