Entertainment SiriusXM Pays $210M - Royalty Dispute Over Old Recordings

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    That's a lot of marbles that could be used to make H100 & H101 listenable.

    Full Article> http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/27/b...royalty-dispute-over-old-recordings.html?_r=0

    SiriusXM Settles Royalty Dispute Over Old Recordings
    JUNE 26, 2015

    For the last two years, the music industry has been watching a series of lawsuits centered on an obscure aspect of copyright law: whether the performers on older recordings should get royalties when their songs are played on digital radio services.

    On Friday, one of those lawsuits was settled when SiriusXM, the satellite radio provider, announced it would pay $210 million to the major record companies over its broadcasting of songs made before 1972.

    The settlement may open the door to millions of dollars in new royalty payments for older performers, who in many cases have not been paid from Internet and satellite radio. And coming just days after Apple — nudged by Taylor Swift — reversed course over its plan not to pay royalties during trials of its new music service, the Sirius’ settlement was interpreted as another win for artists in the digital age.

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    “We trust that the labels will share this money with the artists, and we look forward to resolving the balance of the class with SiriusXM.”

    I love this statement, implies that the lablels will NOT share the money. Hollywood accounting.

    Corruption is just the law of the land. News sucks.
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