SiriusXM Suspends Host for Taking $ to Attend Super Bowl Party

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by Uncle Larry, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Not sure if anyone posted this story about Dino Costa, host on the Mad Dog channel, who's now back on the air. Interesting to see if this will have any effect on folks using the Sirius airwaves to shamelessly promote their horrible talent show.

    "Last night — Thursday, Jan. 31, about a half-hour before he’s to go on the air (his show is from 7 to 11 p.m. ET), he gets a call from Steve Torre (those of you in the Jersey-New York area will remember Torre from his days anchoring sports on 1010-WINS), the programming director of MDR, who says Dino’s being suspended, forthwith and indefinitely, because he “accepted some money from a fan in Las Vegas to go to his Super Bowl party†— and because he ran a “contest.â€

    Plain and simple.

    In addition to the fee, Dino gets airfare, hotel and car service paid for.

    This is hardly atypical of anyone paid to appear at an engagement.

    And it’s hardly the first time a sports-talk radio host has been paid for an appearance. Certainly not the last. But for some reason, the suits at Sirius-XM — including Torre (and likely Russo, too), equate this, somehow, to “Payola,†a troubling radio term.

    Let’s make this clear from the outset — this is not even close to Payola.

    For it to be Payola, Dino would have had to have accepted the $3,500 personally, only to go on the air to promote a business or entity without permission from the higher-ups."


    Dino Costa also had a post on his blog about this, in which he mentions the Stern show and Ferrall's promotion of his gambling site.
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    The best SB Sirius host story was when Ferrall hosted his show from the Tempe Hooter's I think.......Things got so out of hand that there were something like a dozen or more DUI's from the staff and guests over the week.......Scotty was never allowed to do another remote after that........His shows were the best!!!!
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    Howard has paid his band of SSI show filler retards for years with sponsor money.

    Just recently Bobo gave Stern 'end of the word' radio and Howardtv....and Stern paid him with sponsor money disguised as a contest.