So what's the deal with Vinnie Mazzeo Jr.(clownshoe who used to set himself on fire)?

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by Chuck Kongo, Mar 29, 2013.

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    He was a staple of the PPV and Channel 9 era. He would usually set his dick on fire or his head or some other body part. I think he might have been a little "off".

    He's the guy through which Howard invented "Jackass" in the late 80s and then Johnny Knoxville and Steve O came along many years later and copied the concept and you know the rest....

    So Vinnie is also the guy who 'allegedly' and infamously, via "legal threat", had himself purged from the MarksFriggin archives. Has anyone ever figured out why? Does anyone care why?

    Probably not, but I get all nostalgic and weepy everytime I see some old clip of him setting his dick on fire or Kenneth Keith "blowing smoke" out of his eyeballs....*sniff*.....well, Howard is touched by his childhood memories of watching Lenny Dykstra play for the Mets and those other two assholes move me....different strokes.

    So even though no one cares, I can only assume Vinnie Mazzeo is now in Congress, the clergy, or CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Why would some asshole who is probably barely even remembered for being an asshole so badly want all traces of his association with the Stern Show buried? Or is it because of the abomination the show has now become that has embarrassed golden age legends like Vinnie Mazzeo, Jr. into not wanting to be associated with it?