Sony to unveil Oculus Rift style virtual reality headset for the PS4

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    (this isn't the official headset, just a mock up)

    If this is anywhere near as good as an Oculus Rift then this is going to be something worth investing in.
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    Jan 11, 2014
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    Time has shown that it's very hard to gauge new products like this.

    You have success stories like CDs, IPods, Tablets, and the horror stories like Segways, Nintendo's Virtual Boy, Clippy, New Coke, and Agent Orange.

    I would not buy a new product like the Oculus Rift until it's third generational change where the quality and function of it becomes greater then the wow factor, the quirkyness, and appeal of being the first in current gaming generation virtual technology.
    You gotta remember a shit load are just gonna sell because it's the first. I will buy the third version which will be cheaper and actually worth the money.
    Same reason I did not buy a Galaxy Gear. I know I might want one but I'll wait until this new version comes out or it's successor before I try dabbling in wearable technology.
    Remember the first Galaxy Gear was promoted as the gadget we've all seen in movies and television (007, Star Trek) but you could only read off it, had a non-changeable band, and only worked for the Note 3 while also costing about $300.
    Everyone said the same thing, maybe with future updates it'll be cool but right now it's not worth even close to $300.

    You think Iron Man stopped at that shitty tin suit he built in a cave? No it took him five tries before the MARK-V became his standard suit!
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    I own a ps4..I like porn

    Sony let's make this happen