Stern-Grodin Feud: Did Howie's Attacks Become His Own Self-Fulfilling Prophesy?

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    Remember how Wiggy used to relentlessly attack Charles Grodin, obsessing over his wig and how its glue was surely seeping through the pores of his scalp to make him as stupid as Howie alleged that he was?

    Hell, aside from Howie's different wigs all looking just about as obvious and ridiculous on him, if anything, the glue seems to be producing the same effect. As this was '97, Howard likely was sporting his own follicles at that stage - however, if not, wouldn't that be the height of hypocrisy?

    File this under: "Yet another hypocritical example of the chickens coming home to roost!"

    from Mark's Friggin:
    - Thursday March 20, 1997 --
    Goofing On Charles Grodin. 3/20/97. 6:15am
    Charles Grodin has been talking about Howard on his sucky TV show for a while now. A couple of days ago he spent about 30 minutes talking about Howard with other celebrities. Howard got a hold of the tape and decided to listen to it and pick it apart. Howard spent about 45 minutes on it but only got through the first minute of the tape. He yelled about Grodin's bad wig and his stupidity. Tomorrow will probably be filled with more of this tape. Grodin doesn't know what he's messing with. Howard will goof on this asswipe until he cries...

    -- Tuesday March 25, 1997 --
    More Charles Grodin Goofing. 3/25/97. 7:25am
    Howard spent a good part of the morning goofing on Grodin and his stupid wig. He even wished cancer upon him. Just about everything Howard goofed on involved Grodin's wig.
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    Let it shine!