Store where I acquired the device I post from now was involved in more SoCal drama...

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    I think the Caucasians are gonna have to claim this clown (Since his murder spree started in the very affluent Ladera Ranch).... Will be interesting to find out his deal after they get things sorted out...


    4 Dead, 2 Hurt In OC

    TUSTIN ( — Three people were killed and two others injured on Tuesday after a reported road rage incident that began in Tustin ended with a suspected gunman apparently killing himself.

    KNX 1070′s Ron Kilgore reports police are investigating multiple crime scenes, spanning across the cities of Orange, Tustin and Villa Park.

    Orange County Sheriff’s deputies said a female victim was killed at a home in Ladera Ranch at 4:45 a.m., but it remained unclear what her relationship was to the suspect or what any possible motive might be.

    Sources told CBS2′s Michelle Gile the initial crime occurred at the suspect’s home.

    Police said the suspect then drove to Tustin around 5:30 a.m. and carjacked a man at a gas station near the Santa Ana (5) Freeway at Redhill Avenue and Nisson Road, according to Lt. Paul Garaven of the Tustin Police Department.

    During this carjacking, a bystander was wounded after being struck by gunfire from the suspect, who was reported to be armed with two long guns, Garaven said.

    “It was like, ‘Pow!’, two seconds go by, and then two-second intervals between each gunshot, and then you hear the car take off,” said witness Charlie Lopez.

    Police then received a call of a second shooting victim of a carjacking who was killed by the suspect at the McFadden offramp near the Costa Mesa (55) Freeway and Village Way.

    The suspect confronted the victim driving a BMW, ordered him out of the vehicle, and then walked him to the side of the curb, where he executed the victim, according to Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna.

    Police said the suspect then drove the BMW across the 55 Freeway to the Micro Center computer store at Edinger and Newport, where he is accused of shooting two people, killing one of them and carjacking the other.

    Gile reports a source said the injured victim follwed the suspect from Tustin as he made his getaway and used a cell phone to relay the suspect’s location to law enforcement.

    One victim was pronounced dead at the scene and the second has been transported to the hospital and is in critical condition.

    Officers located the suspect in the stolen vehicle and followed him to east Katella Avenue and north Wanda Road in the city of Orange. When a stop was initiated, the suspect shot and killed himself, said Garaven.

    The identify of the suspect was not released, but a source told Gile the suspect was 19 years old.


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    all people cared about was the resulting traffic jams :facepalm:
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    violent video games, gun laws ..yadda yadda