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    Jun 16, 2012
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    I can't wait for Sully to call in again.

    He is one talented dude, ready to make up "hit" rhymes/songs on the spot for N&A.

    Sully can also tell you the open tuning Nils used for "Keith Don't Go" too (wow).

    I think Rick must have vetoed Direct-TV paying to fly Sully up for a live gig (that he was promised).

    Sure Sully probably needs a 4 star hotel and decent expense account but man we need some talent playing live on N&A.

    And that is the one and only Sully from FLA.

    I am sure everyone agrees with me, so no need to comment.

    Peace Out!


    P.S. I am sure TfC would be SUlly's biggest fan but he dead.