News Syracuse Man Threatens to Kill Geneva Police Officers in Facebook Post

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    Syracuse Man Threatens to Kill Geneva Police Officers in Facebook Post
    9/7/2015 10:36:20 AM
    By Fred von Wiegen
    Geneva Police are investigating a Facebook post by a Syracuse man threatening to kill Geneva Police Officers. The entry on Facebook by Michael Lawler, a one time resident of Geneva, reads: "Hello Geneva Police Department you will no longer kill my people you got me once that's on me next time I will kill your officers if you continue to harass me. Man to man, killer to killer. Leave my people alone."

    Geneva Police confirmed that they are aware of the threat, which was brought to their attention by a concerned citizen over the weekend. They have no record of any recent dealings with Lawler and have no idea what he means in his Facebook post when he writes, "you got me once."

    Finger Lakes News Radio spoke with the Geneva Police, Monday morning, and were told that a detective has been assigned to investigate the Facebook threat. Lawler has also posted death threats against members of ISIS for killing four of his fellow Marine buddies.​
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    He needs a little time in the cashew factory