News Teacher who avoided jail over having sex with student celebrates with Instagram

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    A 32-year-old English teacher who admitted having sex with a 16-year-old student posted a celebratory selfie on Instagram just hours after discovering she had avoided a prison sentence.

    Shelley Dufresnein from St Charles Parish, Louisiana, took a plea deal on Thursday that gets her out of serving any time behind or having to register as a sex offender.

    When she returned home from court she uploaded an image of her grinning to the social media site alongside the message: 'My mood today,' followed by three smiley faces.

    Followers started congratulating her on the outcome below the picture, prompting her to respond: 'I'm so relieved.'

    However she is still facing charges over a threesome she had with the same student at Destrehan High School and another teacher.

    She was arrested in September after the teen in question started bragging to friends that he had slept with two teachers.

    An investigation later revealed that the unidentified teen had sex with both his current English teacher at the time, Dufresne, and his English teacher from the prior year, 24-year-old Rachel Respess - including an alleged a threesome with both at Respess's house.

    Though she originally pleaded not guilty in November, married mother-of-three Dufresne changed course and confessed to the sordid act at a status conference in court on Thursday.



    Comfortable: As part of her plea deal, Dufresne will not have to serve any jail time. Instead she will undergo a 90-day inpatient mental health treatment program, surrender her teacher's license and stay away from the victim and his family

    In exchange for pleading guilty to a count of obscenity, the original charge of carnal knowledge of a juvenile will be held for the three years Dufresne is under probation for obscenity.

    Dufresne must also undergo a 90-day inpatient mental health treatment, surrender her teacher's license, and stay away from the now 17-year-old victim and his family.

    If she complies with all of those terms, the carnal knowledge charge will be dropped after three years and she will not have to register as a sex offender.

    The carnal knowledge charge carries a maximum of ten years in prison and a fine for $5,000.

    Judge Anne Simon signed off on the plea deal, after three other judges - including Dufresne's father Judge Emile St Pierre - removed themselves from the case.

    District Attorney Joel Chaisson II heralded the deal as a success.

    'I want to thank my special prosecutor, Julie Cullen, for her efforts to reach a fair resolution of the case and to secure a felony guilty plea, thereby sparing the juvenile victim in this matter from having to testify at a public trial,' the DA said in a statement.

    The parents of the victim were in court on Thursday, and according to media who attended the meeting, they were not happy with the settlement.

    However, Dufresne's legal battle is likely not over yet.

    When her relationship with the teen was exposed last fall, it was revealed that she had sex with the teen at a residence in Montz (Dufresne and her family live in Montz) and one in Kenner between August 22 and September 27.

    Both towns fall under different parishes, and Jefferson Parish has yet to formally arraign Dufresne on charges of carnal knowledge with a juvenile, indecent behavior with a juvenile and contributing to the delinquency of a child.

    It was at Respess' home in Kenner that the teachers allegedly had a three-way with the student after a high school football game in September, and that is the incident they await arraignment on.

    Since her arrest on September 30, Dufresne has remained free on bond. While she has been under house arrest during this time, the rules of the sequester have been loosened so that she can attend therapy sessions, Jazzercize classes and help drive her 3, 5, and 7-year-old children to school and extracurricular activities.

    However, she had to spend 8pm to 7am inside her home during the weekdays.

    Both Dufresne and Respess were suspended from their jobs without pay following their arrests last fall.

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    It's really difficult for me to see this kid as a victim.
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    If this dummy fucks up her plea bargain because of that stupid Instagram pic, I will LMAO.
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    she's a little sloppy, and has Hillary Clinton knees. I'm not gonna say guilty but she probably deserves a light 90 days inside to get fingerblasted by a bald Chaz Bono type cellmate and then impregnated by a jamaican guard all in the first hour.
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    What about the younger whore on the left? Since the two had a threesom with the alledged victim, I'm sure both little whores have been finger blasted plenty.

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    The punishment should be an anal fisting by a hairy armed bulldyke. I doubt spotty teenage boys will look so appealing to them then.
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    It's about double standards for bitches, not "poor widdle tyke," you dope.