That flaming fireball speeding towards earth, AKA the Howard Stern Show.

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    It's kind of sad yet fascinating to watch the paragon of morning radio know as the HSS slowly spin out of control. It's been a slow demise, yet as anything else which crashes and burns, it starts decaying faster and faster as it falls out of orbit.

    It's like a plane crash where there is a series of events which slowly but inexorably lead to the plane plowing into the ground.

    With Stern, the flameout began with political correctness, even before Artie left. Once he left, Stern was free to enforce the PC bullshit without anyone to challenge him.

    Second was the folly of Howard thinking he could carry the whole show. Enough said.

    Third, the absence of bits and in-studio back office participation -- notably Sal and Richard (as I write this I'm listening to Sal kiss Richard's taint -- fucking gold. Richard: "C'mon buddy, get down in there", "There is a little bit of a smell down there", "Don't puke on my taint!", Sal: "My makeup is running", Will: "Ugh, I was gonna puke just like Sal", "It smells like asshole"). That funny is gone. Nowadays, the studio is effectively sealed.

    Next, AGT, and the hours per day spent talking about that steaming pile of shit. Funny, when he finally got the massage that fans didn't want to hear about AGT, he stopped talking about it -- fully thinking that fans would call in and say "don't listen to the haters, we really want to hear about AGT", except no one (besides whack pack sycophants) called in to say that. All he heard was "thank you for not talking about AGT". Message sent and received. He was so pissed.

    Then the control freak started clamping down on ancillary show content: mid-show news update, mid-show wrap-up update, multiple firings, cancellation of numerous shows, etc.

    Finally, we have the teenager-fumbling-for-a-bra-strap mess as they search for a new Wrap Up Show format.

    It's really interesting to watch the poor choices that Stern has made to placate his ego and grab for more money.