The "Depends" Bit Made Me Sad...

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by nicksgt, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Jan 17, 2012
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    So I know this is over a week old and i am sure it was discussed at length in the listening thread, but I was just listening to the day Howard was trying those Depends panty liners for his pish...just call me BenBas

    So, first we were supposed to believe that this was not product placement, and that the huge package was sent to him personally by his good friend "Terry" Siragusa as he called him..unreal..But there was something kind of melancholy about the whole structure of the bit. It was like he wanted to be funny, but he couldn't. You could almost sense him drowning in his own despair trying to make something pertinent and funny out of it, but realized it wasn't going to get there. If I recall correctly there was a bit where Booey and some others wore diapers in studio and had to potty in them, which was funny...this was just a sad old queen legitimately trying find a way to take care of his hygiene issues...

    And the whole, please dont let Beth find out thing was lame...she's been changing your diapers for a few years now Howie..I am sure she accepts it as part of the job description
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    What, because you didn't know it was a bit? I don't think it was. He probably has Old Geezer cock-dribbles and needs a product in the right proportions and
    portions to sop it up before it wrecks his John Varvatos cargo pants. At 30 years old you can do the bit, at 60 it just becomes sad as everybody will
    honestly believe you are wrecking your Dockers with your dick-seepage. SEEPAGE AHHHHH FLUID AHHHH