The Martin Serious show in Grand Theft Auto 4 Lost and the Damned

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    This is kind of old but I just discovered this and thought it was pretty funny. Grand Theft Auto 4 takes place in a parody city of New York City. They also have stupid radio shows playing in the cars. One of the radio shows is the Martin Serious show.

    It's clearly a parody of the Howard Stern show. Rockstar (the company that developed the game) also made a fake fan message board with fake posts. It's pretty funny because its pretty much a parody of this place/sfn. Check out the "listening thread"

    posts like,
    "Oh god why are they starting talking about their weekend? We GET IT! "
    "Where is Smithy? Is he “sick†again? That asshole misses more shows than anyone I’ve ever seen. "
    "YES!!!! Lisa bought a Fruit computer over the weekend! "
    "IT’S A BIT. Go listen to Hugh and Yimmy then. I hear they do some fantastic stuff."

    I thought it was kind of funny.
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