WTF The Mental lllness Cursing People With Pedophile Illusions

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    Pure OCD can give its victims haunting sexual visions, and may affect millions of people.

    Twenty-one years ago when he was 13 years old, Aaron Harvey became haunted by constant thoughts that he was a pedophile. Visions of naked children followed him everywhere. “Naturally this terrified me, and made me think –well this must be what other pedophiles go through. This led to years of anxiety and fear,” he says in an interview this week.

    The sexual visions became more hounding into his twenties, eventually morphing, but always haunting. “When I was older and realized logically I would never touch a child –I’d sooner kill myself than do that –I started to have obsessive thoughts about my sexuality. Though I knew I was straight, I started to think, I must be gay, this must be real, this must be happening,”he says. “It was a real full body anxiety. Though I knew I was straight, for years I struggled with my sexual orientation –why was my mind telling me I was gay?”

    On the other side of the ocean, Rose Bretécher experienced the same haunting, terrifying thoughts. At 13 she worried: Am I actually a pedophile? In her twenties, visions of her best friends naked, or seeing vaginas everywhere around made her worry: Am I actually gay, and do I not know my true self?
    She was constantly haunted by sexual visions of vaginas on people’s faces, mentally undressing friends, her mind spinning every image in front of her with a sexual twist.

    “Once while having a doctor's consultation I couldn't stop thinking about the middle-aged GP masturbating in his y-fronts,”she recalls in an email interview with The Daily Beast. “Another time I couldn't shake the thought of a Heathrow customs official suckling on one giant air balloon size tit. Though the intrusive thoughts can be amusing or absurd in retrospect, they were never funny at the time - always frightening.”

    “I can have thousands of images a day in my head –it’s like having VR glasses all the time,”he says. “If I’m walking down Broadway in Manhattan, I might picture everyone’s faces as if they are all in the middle of an orgasm, or just picture everyone having sex in the middle of the street.” It’s still intrusive –but it’s manageable.
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    I have a brother with OCD. Really manifested itself in his early 20s. Just a horrible disease. You can control it to some extent with medication.
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    I have OCD and I can totally relate to this. For me, the weird habits started at about 5 and the germaphobia in grade 9.

    I usually feel like I'm pretty much close to normal these days but then I realize I'm just used to having these issues.

    It's like you're your own worst enemy
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