The Neck/Nose Liar Exposed

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    So on Mon, when talking about Imus's old lady, Howard directly said:

    "I didn't do my neck...obviously...I have the wrinkles of a 60 year old man in my neck."


    Now below is from the revelation show 1/17/06 (thanks Marksfriggin). It's a long rundown but you can just skip to the bolded parts for the short version. I forgot how many insiders piled on Howig, calling him a liar and other things. Good stuff. Sal is pretty classic when ripping on Robin too. Also reveals how many think he wears a wig or has a system (including Gary). Last paragraph is great:

    "Fred guessed that Howard had something done to his chin. Howard said that he did... but it was just liposuction under his chin. They had to wrap his whole head up for 4 or 5 days when he had that done. It was done at the same time he had the nose job done.

    Howard said he didn't want to reveal it because he thinks that it's very gay. Howard said he doesn't believe that the nose job makes him look better these days, it's because he stays in shape that he looks good. Artie insists that the nose job is a huge difference and he should pull a picture from the Channel 9 Show to look at the difference. Howard said that he will never go under the knife again for something like this. He said he is very pleased with his nose but he wouldn't do it again. He also talked about the chin fat removal and how he really doesn't think that made much of a difference.

    Howard said that the only person who really noticed his nose job was his sister. He said he still has a big nose and it's not attractive, but she did notice. She told him it looked great but he asked her to keep it quiet because it does embarrass him. Gary isn't sure that this revelation is going to end up on Entertainment Tonight or anything like that. Some of the guys like Bob and Fred thought that the revelation was only at about a 5 or 6. Howard thought it was a 10. Benjy pointed out that Howard has denied this for 9 years and he's always said that he's been honest on the show. Howard admitted that he wasn't being honest about this. (Bravo Benji)

    Sal the Stockbroker came in and told Robin to shut the fuck up and think about this. He said that the revelation was a 10 because it's something very revealing for him. He told Robin that it's just as embarrassing for Howard to admit to that as it was for her to admit she shoves meat up her twat :snicker:. Robin wouldn't let anyone speak and just kept talking as Sal was yelling at her to shut up. She wasn't letting anyone make a point. (Classic Robin)

    Sal said that Howard was making himself look like a hypocrite by revealing this so it's a big deal for him. Howard said that the story has to be between a 7 and a 10 but Robin said that no one gave it anything close to that. Sal and Richard had already created a song parody about Robin's meat and vegetables story so Howard played that for everyone.

    Zolar called in and said that Howard's revelation was better than Robin's lame revelation about using meat and vegetables. She continued to talk over everyone. Scott the Engineer came in and said that this is Will's fault because he didn't make everyone tell stories that stood up to the others. Zolar said that he's very hurt by what Howard revealed because he's kept this secret all this time. He basically lied to all of us all these years by denying his nose job.

    Ronnie the Limo Driver came in and said that he watched Howard's surgery on a TV set in the Doctor's office. He said that Howard looked like The Mummy when he came out of the office. He moaned all the way home and said that he never should have done that and that he'd never do it again. Howard said he really thought that he had ruined his career by doing that. He thinks that his voice is deeper now and it helped him out. He and Ronnie said that they went in on a Sunday morning and there was no one there so no one saw him coming out after the surgery.

    Ronnie said that Howard sat for years with the sketches he got from the doctor before going for it. Gary said that he remembers Howard sketching his own pictures in the paper on celebrities to see what their noses would look like. Robin was being very bitchy about the whole thing and goofing on his revelation.

    Gary gave Howard an update on the contest they had going on with this revelation thing. The two Chads were tied at 5 and Mike only had 3 correct. Ralph called in and said that this revelation is a big deal because it makes Howard look gay and vain. Howard said that it really is embarrassing for him to have revealed this but Robin doesn't think that it's as embarrassing as her revelation.

    King of All Blacks called in and said that he knew it was Howard. Captain Janks also called in and said that he noticed the chin thing but thought it was a pretty big revelation. He thinks that Gary should have to re-do his. Howard said that Robin ruined his revelation by saying that a plastic surgery revelation was bullshit. She didn't even realize what she was saying yesterday.

    Gary asked Howard if he has had anything done with his hair. Howard swore on the life of his kids that he has never had anything done to his hair. Mike Gange came in and said that Howard used to have a part in his hair that was noticeable but now it's gone. Howard told Mike that he's never done anything to his hair. Robin said that they can't believe anything he says now that he's kept that other secret for so long."
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    He can't keep his lies straight. I remember during the Revelations game he said he had lipo on his neck. Now it's, no work on his neck. :snicker:
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    I can see why Howard wanted to hire Marksfriggin and own his content.

    The internet is not Howard's friend.
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    Howard lies about everything and as far as him swearing on the life of his children means nothing to him. He couldn't give fuck less.
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