The Ultimate Howard Stern Project List (lots of fails and abandoned projects) -Part 2

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    The Ultimate Howard Stern Project List: Part 2

    Credit to "stethacantus"
    Full version here (and worth checking out)

    Continuing the list of projects that Howard Stern worked on outside of his regular radio show. These are the years between 1990 and 1994


    MOVIE: The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

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    Frequent guest Andrew Dice Clay landed the starring role in the movie "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane" and while it was being cast offered Howard a part as a DJ right on the air during Howard's show. Howard accepted and showed enthusiasm in being in his first major Hollywood movie. This all came to an end when Howard met with the movie's director Renny Harlin and was turned down for the part. The day after Howard came into the studio an angry man blasting the film's director and putting Clay on a shit list he never quite got off of.

    TELEVISION: The Howard Stern Summer Show ( a.k.a. The Channel 9 Show )

    The show continued to do well in the ratings and stayed on the air until summer of 1992 when it was suddenly cancelled. WOR claimed it was due to Howard's inability to get national sponsors, the same reason given for the cancellation of his national radio show. Howard claimed that he was the one who pulled the plug on the show because in it's two years Channel 9 never increased the budget like they had originally promised.

    HOME VIDEO: Untitled Howard Stern Mail Order Video For 1990

    The video became one of those projects that Howard stopped talking about and by the end of the year there was no mail order video.


    RECORD: Howard Stern: Crucified By The FCC

    A final version of the disc set was finally completed at the last minute and regrettably ended up using filler that was mostly year old radio bits. Even so "Crucified By The FCC" became the first mail order item Howard put out that did not have significant overstock. Nearly every set sold. However unlike the video tapes which became collectors items that trade for $80 and up on EBay, "Crucified by the FCC" sells for $10 less than what it originally sold for, perhaps because of how easy it is to download unauthorized versions for free off of file sharing sites.


    HOME VIDEO: Howard Stern's Butt Bongo Fiesta

    Out of the blue Howard announced that he was going to release a new TV special onto video tape called "Butt Bongo Fiesta" and would include a segment shot in 3D.

    TELEVISION: The Howard Stern Interview

    They needed subscribers to ask their respective cable companies to add the channel and felt by giving Howard Stern an interview show they could get his millions of listeners who did not have E! to do so. This is usually referred to as bait programming.

    TELEVISION: The Larry Sanders Show

    For the first [ and still only ] time Howard was asked to appear in a scripted television show where he played himself. Howard usually turns down television appearances, but this show had two things going for it. One was that Howard thought "The Larry Sanders Show" was one of the greatest shows ever made for television. The other was that it was all timed out to promote his next project.......

    BOOK: Private Parts

    Howard had mentioned many times before he wanted to write a book and at one time got as far as saying he had a deal to write a cook book. That is probably why no one took him serious about this book until it was actually in print.

    TELEVISION: Private Parts Infomercial

    A half hour commercial shown on E! for the book private parts to be hosted by a respected English actor. The host was Patrick MacNee [ Sir Harden Thike was not available ]. Not actually an infomercial but a special as it had commercial breaks. The night it aired news broke of Michael Jackson being arrested for his first child molestation trial. Instead of breaking in to the infomercial with the news E! ran a news ticker along the bottom of the screen.

    Private Parts Audio Book

    According to Howard he wanted to read the audio book but decided it should have sound effects and guest speakers. Inevitably the project became too expensive or too overwhelming or Howard took too much time that Simon & Scuster got fed up and cancelled the project.

    LIVE EVENT: Miss Howard Stern New Years Eve Pageant

    A pay-per-view special that aired live in 1993 and continued through the 2004 New Year's Eve countdown, followed by a beauty pageant for Miss Howard Stern. [ But not the current Miss Howard Stern. this one only held her crown for a couple of years. ] With his radio empire continuing to grow and the phenomenal success of his book Howard Stern was having one successful year that he had to end with a bang. Apparently the real purpose for Howard agreeing to do another pay-per-view special was to finally complete his legal obligation to Infinity and One Twelve to deliver five mail order products.


    HOME VIDEO: Howard Stern's New Years Rotten Eve

    Some listeners claimed they had a two month wait while others reported their tape must have been lost in transit and had to have a new one sent, which made it three or more months before their tape arrived.

    RECORD: Unclean Beaver

    In 1994 Wren sold the rights to the record to Ichiban Old Indie, a record label that specialized in re-releasing out of print albums. It was re-released under the title "Unclean Beaver". Howard has never acknowledged the existence of this CD nor allowed any caller to mention it on his radio show. Not only did Howard lose all rights to the material on the album but sees no money from it's profits. The CD does not come with a poster.

    BOOK: Private Parts Paperback Edition

    Private Parts was coming out in paperback. As an incentive for his listeners to buy a second copy of the book there would be 60 new pages. 60 new pages?? There was about three pages written by Howard and 57 pages of newspaper clippings about the book tour. What a rip off. And if that was not bad enough the paperback was released with two covers, one showing the left side of Howard's face and the other showing the right side so you had to buy both books for the full cover.

    TELEVISION: Howard Stern [ a.k.a. The E! Show ]

    The show lasted on E! for 11 years and was finally cancelled in 2005 even though it was the channels top rated show. E! gave the old "we are taking the channel in a new direction" excuse, but it was a combination of the channel being run by someone who did not like Howard and the FCC threatening to begin fining cable broadcasts.

    MOVIE: The Adventures Of Fartman

    On the air Howard suggested that Fartman would be a good followup to Private Parts but eventually began to realize how silly and embarrassing a movie about a farting superhero would be.

    Governor Of New York

    Speculation as to why Howard dropped out ranges from him fearing he would actually win and be forced to give up the radio empire he worked so hard to build for a job he was not prepared for, to Infinity or WXRK reading him the riot act and telling him he would be fired or sued if he did not stop using his radio show to promote his candidacy which would in turn take him away from the show should he win. Another interesting theory is that Pataki or the Republican party secretly approached Howard and asked him to drop out of the race and endorse their candidate. This theory is backed up by Howard being invited to sit behind Pataki during his inauguration. Fans are still divided as to if Howard seriously wanted to become the next mayor or if this was just a wacky radio stunt.

    And there was still more to come. Another #1 bestseller book, a #1 Box Office movie, and the #1 album on the Billboard charts. And then there was the time Howard almost met Batman. All this and more in part 3 of the article.
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