The Ultimate Howard Stern Project List (lots of fails and abandoned projects) -Part 3

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    The Ultimate Howard Stern Project List: Part 3

    Credit to "stethacantus"
    Full version here (and worth checking out)

    Continuing the list of projects that Howard Stern worked on outside of his regular radio show. These are the years between 1995 and 1999


    BOOK: Miss America

    Howard's second book Miss America was just as successful as Private Parts..

    TELEVISION: Miss America Infomercial

    Just as he did with his first book Private Parts Howard made a second infomercial for broadcast on E! and this time Howard was in the infomercial. It was a parody of the "Amazing Inventions" infomercials where Howard comes in as a guest of an obnoxious host to promote his book.


    BOOK: Miss America Paperback Edition

    Once again another paperback book with bonus pages the hardcover did not have. This time it was only 8 pages and of color photos. There would also be three different covers, each exactly the same but with a different color dress and hair color.

    MOVIE: Private Parts [ original version ]

    Howard announced that he had signed with a independent film company called Rysher to make a movie based on his book Private Parts. A few months later Howard was gloating about the progress of the movie, about how funny the script was, and even mentioned that the director of Rocky was attach to the project. But this was all to mask the fact that behind the scenes the movie was falling apart.


    MOVIE: Private Parts

    The version of "Private Parts" produced by Ivan Reitman was a completely different movie project than what would have been the original Private Parts movie. The original version Rysher wanted to put out was a screwball comedy that portrayed a wacky day in the life of Howard Stern. Reitman thought he could get a much better movie out of a straightforward biopic.

    RECORD: Private Parts: The Album

    Released a week before the movie the album debuted at #1 on the album chart. It was also the fastest selling soundtrack in history according to Billboard Magazine. I went Platinum a week later.

    MUSIC VIDEO: Hard Charger

    The video was completed and got the word primer treatment from MTV and went into heavy rotation. But as soon as the movie began to fall out of the box office top 10 MTV pulled the video from rotation.

    BOOK: Private Parts Movie Tie-In Edition

    The paperback edition of Private Parts re-released as a movie tie in. There was nothing new with this edition other than a new cover based on the movie poster.

    MUSIC VIDEO: The Great American Nightmare

    Howard said that Rob Zombie wants to direct a music video for The Great American Nightmare. But Warner Brother Records gave a low printing to the Hard Charger single and had only released a promo to radio stations of The Great American Nightmare. When Rob and Howard told them they wanted to do a music video the answer was yes provided Howard agreed to air it a few times a week on his E! show. Warner Brothers knew that MTV had pulled the Hard Charger video from rotation and had let them know that they would not be airing any other videos from the soundtrack. VH1 was also uninterested in airing any videos from the soundtrack. Warner Brothers did not see any point spending tens of thousands on a video that would not air anywhere. For some reason Howard did not seem to understand that if he did not air the video on his E! show then it would not have aired anywhere else. He refused to air the video on the E! show and Warner Brothers refused to finance it.

    HOME VIDEO: Private Parts

    "Private Parts" was initially released on VHS and Laserdisc with no extras. A second VHS was released with an alternate cover that did not show Howard naked so that family friendly stores like K-Mart could safely have the movies on their shelves [ and what a surprise when that family got the video home ]. Less than a year later it was released on the new formats of DVD and DIVX for home computers. It was also released in various countries who enjoyed the movie even though they had no idea who Howard was. As of now everything is out of print in the U.S. due to a dispute between Howard and Paramount on a deluxe edition.


    TELEVISION: The Howard Stern Radio Show

    In 1998 Howard announced that he was doing a Saturday night show for CBS that would beat Saturday Night Live in the ratings. Fans were disappointed to find out that the CBS show was basically the E! show. They had remembered the now legendary Channel 9 Show and had hoped the CBS show would be the same. Actually the CBS show was an upgrade of the E! show with better production value and interviews edited down to just the best moments. It was not really on the CBS network but syndicated to CBS stations who had the option of airing it or airing their own programming. It lasted two seasons before CBS cancelled it claiming low ratings.


    TELEVISION: Private Parts Television Edit [a.k.a. The USA Network Version]

    Since Private Parts was an 'R' rated movie it would have to be edited for television. Howard decided to be part of this process. A new introduction was shot where Howard explains why the movie had to be edited for television and during the movie from time to time the picture freezes and Howard walks out on screen to explain why a scene had to be edited or to comment on something going on during the movie. It was basically the same movie as seen in the theaters but with language bleeped and adult content blurred and with the new commentary footage. None of the deleted scenes were used. Although called the USA Version it has since been shown on other channels [ most recently VH1 ] and is the version that will be shown in syndication.

    MOVIE: Batman Triumphant

    Allegedly Howard was in talks with Warner Brothers to play the Scarecrow in the next Batman movie. Director Joel Schumacher announced that he did not want Howard cast in the next Batman movie. "I wish him the best of luck with his acting endeavors, but I'm not considering him for any of my films." was Schumacher's official comment. Howard denied that he was ever in serious talks to be in the movie but still went on a major rant against Schumacher calling the latest movie "Batman & Robin" the worst film ever made and the director a talentless hack.

    MOVIE: Jane

    A movie Howard was going to do with Melanie Griffith. This was suppose to be Howard's follow up to Private Parts. An independent movie made for the studio Ministry of Film Inc. Howard had a supporting role as a record executive. Howard agreed to do it rearranging his schedule [ re: his vacations ] so that he would have time to film his scenes. But the studio had not yet found enough investors and had hoped to attract more now that Stern was in the cast. The money ran out a few weeks before filming was to begin and the production was put on hold. When a new investor was found the shoot was rescheduled but was now to take place during the days that Howard was not on vacation. Unable to do the movie his part was recast, but once Howard was no longer in the movie investors dropped out and the film was cancelled.

    MOVIE: Brother Sam

    Howard bought the rights to Sam Kinison's biography and announced he was going to produce the movie version. It was the beginning of the Howard Stern Production Company and this was to be it's first production. But no studio was interested in doing a movie about a controversial comedian who dies in a auto accident. Eventually the movie rights ran out and some other producer bought them.

    There was still more to come. A website, a production company, and an entire film festival devoted to films about Howard. And then there was that parody of Baywatch. All in part 4 of this article.
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