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    I never heard of "barstool sports" either, but here's a blog post from someone who did some interning at the stern show recently I guess.

    I don't recognize the name because I only listen to the show to help me fall asleep but maybe @Nemo can shed some light on this character.

    Long mostly boring read below but the one interesting takeaway from it is that they're now letting interns write bits. Also, Gary didn't want to be too "Hollywood" at first. But it's ok now I guess

    So I just got back from living in a 4×4 hotel in the concrete jungle for that past four months while I interned at The Howard Stern Show. Yeah I know, InternEd is just the fate of my life that I have to accept by now I guess. But, anyway I kinda wanted to write this blog just to talk about my little Barstool/Stern crossover I had because I know there has to be a lot of stoolies that are intertwined in both worlds. Sorry this isn’t going to be an expose because I ain’t no rat (nor do I know anything anyway), but here are some things that I guess some people might find interesting. If not I’m sure you’ll let me know that it wasn’t.

    -It’s crazy how similar both worlds are. Just from being in the office and hearing a few of Gary’s stories of how at the beginning they didn’t have a lot of “Hollywood” acknowledging them because they didn’t want it to mess up their “image”. It just kinda made me wonder how much that effects this site.

    -If you’re a fan of the show you know that all the people who work there are “characters” much like the guys in the Boston office and the guys who run the main sites. I’m not even just saying this to be nice but all the guys were great. From Gary, Will to Richard/Sal and all the other guys that are more behind the scenes couldn’t have been nicer.

    -Sal and Richards office is as hilarious as you’d expect. At the beginning of the semester I got Richard assigned as my “mentor”. He was awesome and to get a chance to learn from one of the best was great, but it was even greater to call my father that day and tell him that the guy who had Sarah Silverman smell his sweaty nuts was my mentor.

    -I got absolutely boxed into a corner of the SiriusXM elevator by Regis. This kinda upset me/I kinda wanted him to notice me so I kinda just breathed on him a little bit and he did the old man thing where he says a joke but nobody understands what they say and the old man laughs the hardest at his own joke. Whatever he seemed cool and surprisingly every celebrity I dealt with were great as well.

    -They gave us a chance to write bits if we wanted to and I had one that made it on the air. At the time, New York was having a tough go around with their plumbing because people were flushing wet wipes. So I thought it’d be funny to prank call a bunch of people and quiz them on what kind of shits they’re taking. It turned out that people weren’t into telling us if their shit color was red-brown or burnt umber though. Anyway, comedian Ralphie May voiced it, here it is:

    This also gave me the idea to pull some Pres clips at the AVN’s and prank call some hookers from Alabama off Backpage. It’s nothing special because I did this on my own time and obviously don’t have the same equipment/manpower the guys at Stern do but here it is. If people like it or have any good ideas, I’m down to do some more.

    -Alright fine, I’ll give it one con because we’re only normal if we bitch about something right? Only three pornstars came in and there were no tits or sybian rides. That kinda stunk.

    -If Barstool had a channel on Sirius it would pretty much be the best thing ever

    All in all though it was a great time but I’m happy to be back in Chicago where hot dog guts are more acceptable.

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